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About me.
Hi, my name is Becca and I'm an introvert.
>I don't relate well with most anyone I've met from my generation.
>There are 3 things my dad taught me never to talk about with friends because its the quickest way to lose them: Religion, Politics, and Money.
>I'm rather stubborn, you'll have a hard time changing my mind once it's set.
>The only talent I possess is the ability to create awkward situations.
>Most of of my jokes and quips are corny and lame, so I'm used to eye rolls and heavy sighs.
>I'm an old lady at age 20; Luckily I work in a nursing home. (Have you visited you're grandparents lately? They'd appreciate it if you did.)
>I'm on team Marvel, Autobot, and Edward Scissorhands.
>One of my legs is longer than the other causing me to have the swagger of a cripple.
>When I'm bored I write new lyrics to bad pop songs to make them bearable.


haha, you sound like someone i'd hang with.

Team Edward scissorhands ftw

Out of curiosity, which would you say is your favourite Marvel team? I am partial to the Dark Avengers myself, if for no other reason than it's a group of psychopaths (I wish I could say I were a hardcore Marvel-nerd, but I mainly just read online comics when I find the time).

Hello, your wall has relinquished its chastity to me. I took it out to dinner and we had some "dessert" afterwards, but following that we began a discussion on whether the Avengers could take the Autobots if necessary and relations have been strained since then.

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