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About me.
My puppy, Leela, is now eating from her first bag of ADULT FOOD! Oh how I love her so.

Skip this paragraph if you like to read bullet notes, not sentences.
My name is Caroline. Almost every one of my teachers sang "Sweet Caroline" to me on the first day they took attendance in high school. Thankfully that stopped in college. I love Arizona Green Tea. I have tried every drink that Arizona manufactures. A terrible thing happened and I lost my little pets, 2 flying squirrels and a dwarf hamster who had furry feet. I loved them all!
I have leg and lower back problems that no doctor has been able to diagnose and/or fix yet. It interferes with my life in weird ways and I hate it. I read the profile of everybody that up-votes, loves or replies to any of my comments/posts. I like to read. I learn new words on in my free time. GO THERE!
I'm 21. In May 2013 I will graduate from Montana State University and become an interior designer. I thought school would make me really homesick, but whenever I go home, I miss school tremendously. Now I'm really scared to graduate and be in the "real world."

Positive things in my world:
+Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog
+It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
+Soy Milk-- It allows me to enjoy my cinnamon toasties :D
+Arizona Green Tea
+Teaching my puppy new tricks
+Taking pictures/making videos of everyday life (something extraordinary is bound to happen someday)
+Hospitals and the smell of hospitals
+Tattoos that have meaning (I have none, but hearing about others' is so interesting to me)
+Internet communities
+The discovery channel, the history channel, and HGTV
+Nostalgia Electrics
+Eating refrigerated fruit
+Witnessing it when people use the word ironic when regarding socratic irony, dramatic irony, or that something was contradictory to what was expected (mostly because these are the correct ways)

Also, you should join this group :)

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Haha how long have you had it up for?

Caroline, my favourite artificial flavour is strawberry kiwi :)

yup, together. love love love

d'awwwwww. you just made my day. im getting all these welcome back messages, and its really really nice. :D

He's a great comedian. Oh man, that must get annoying.

It's not entirely my own idea; Tosh.O inspired it.

Thanks. (y) Adding it in now. :D

oh noz! the world is going to end! lol

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