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About me.
Heavy penguins!
... Thought that would break the ice.

Hi, I'm Rachel. Junior in high school. I like art and music and sports and getting good grades.
I spell some words the British way even though I'm American.
Because I'm just such a rebel like that.


no, i don't think the professors would give you a hard time. they would want you to be honest in what you write, if they are anything like mine

Hey Cashew,
You seem cool too. I really like mewithoutYou as well, allthough i'm not a big time fan so don't quiz me =p
Awesome to see that this site isn't ENTIRELY secular. It definitely has an anti-religion vibe though =(
Bible is, in my opinion, always a great option for study. I mean, if we believe that it has the truth and purpose for our existence, we really should be excited to learn more about it. I'm only a sophomore right now, but it isn't too difficult. Having a solid biblical foundation is very helpful though. Professors kind of assume that you're familiar with important parts of the Bible and its theology. Nothing crazy though; if you've been to church or youth group regularly, that should be foundation enough to get started

your profile seems so empty.

Why thank you :)

Sad. D:
It's my favourite shirt. I would be devastated if something happened to it.

Yep! c:
I have one of their CD's and I have one of their shirts, it has NORMA JEAN on the top and a tiger underneath that. c:

yeah I know :/ I was so sure they were gonna win too

Yh I love PBS, sometimes. They do have pretty stupid jokes, but that's what is funny about them. And my favourite is probably Dilbert lol, now that I can understand their jokes ;]

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