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About me.
Hullo. :D I'm a cereal killer. SO BEWARE!!! Hide your cocoa puffs!

Hid your cocoa puffs? NOW LETS GOOOOOOOOO.

--Yes I watche anime and reads manga and blahdeyblahdeyBLAH (OMGNARUTOFTW)
--I am also one in around 19,541,453 who live in New York.
--Born and raised in the U S A. buuut ethnically I'm Indian... y'know the one in ASIA...
--My name Is ZAIRA. < it means something in arabic... im just not sure what.
--I am also one of the few unfortunate people who have their mom as a highschool teacher. D:
--I like listening to music in languages I don't know.
--I'm Muslim. But I don't bomb things up, wear a turban, ride a camel (often) OR live in the desert. Any other stereotypes I need to clear up?
--I like people. So talk to me YO.
--I'm a freshiiieee! a freshmen! freshmeat! A 9th grader! Which ever way you wanna put it.
--I converted from MLIA. And I've never been happier

hackhack. its been three minutes since I last had tea so... IM OFF TO MAKE MORE.



That's awesomeee i wanna go there. there's one in canada that's a couple hours away from detroit (where I live) but it's a boarding school. sooo you're lucky you don't have to deal with public school craaap. especially white people. or non-muslims whatever you want to call them. they DOMINATE in our district. so that means we have to be absent on all the Eid's and make up homework blahblah. they're just..everywhere. :)

OHHH MY GOSH I know how you feel!! I had one teacher who didn't even attempt my name till November (after being in school for 2 months) I think people like that are just ignorant. But when a teacher or a substitute says my name correctly, it's like amazing. Like, wow, they actually tried. But it really bugs me when people say my name and other Arabic names wrong, because people spell them the way it sounds and it's easy!! It's so frustrating.

AWESOME NESS!! I never met/knew anyone with my name! I know one girl name Umaima. But the first a is like "a" in "apple". Not as cool.:P

salam to you too!! but zaira is way prettier than mine:) what does yours mean? mine means something about heaven's sky..? lol MUSLIM HIGH FIVE RIGHT BACK AT YA!

LOL!!! I can totally see her doing that, too!!! xD

Ya, my sis told me about the voice actor stuff a few years ago xD it's sooooo weird!!

Lol! xD I never really watched Naruto on CN. I got into it in the very begining of 6th grade. Then I started watching the Pre-Shippuden on Toonami. When it got to the fillers, I quit. Then it was moved to Disney (a channel I dont have) and I never really got to watch it. I watched some eps on Naruto.com and it was so hard not to laugh at it!

thank you?

Of Naruto? Manga. ONLY. I laugh my head off at the anime. I cannot take it seriously!

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