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About me.
Hello, my name is Christina. :3 I'm 14-years of age, with a birthday on June 25th. A few of my older posts made, like from '10 and '11, I don't agree with anymore. However, I can't delete them. v_v (People's views change!)
I'm strongly pro-choice, pro-** education (but not that abstinence only shit. it's so uninformative), pro-women's right, **-positive, and a strong supporter of the LGBT* community.
I don't follow any religion, but I'm supportive of/open to anyone's beliefs that don't interfere with the rights of other, and as long as they aren't shoved down my throat.
I have a dream to become a musician when I'm older, or at least to get into the music branch. If that doesn't work out, I wanna become a piercer and help others obtain healthy body modifications! And if that doesn't work I wanna own my own little coffee and tea shop. ^_^


hello tina, Im nuri from indonesia.., can U email my?...glad to me friend with u please.

I think you are pleasing the crowd.

Any time(: I'm all for giving praise where it's deserved!

You, ma'am, are extremely inspiring. I've been creeping on your posts for like 20 minutes, and I agree with like all of them. Seriously, you're on the right path. You're like one of the most down to earth people on here and I find your posts and opinions to be oddly intriguing.

Failure is cool. :p
Yes, that's where I saw them. BUT. I get to see MIW this thursday. :)

So I was creeping on one of your comments.
And Motionless In White is amazing.
And the singer of William Control bit my wrist at the concert, and I couldn't move it for a half hour. D:

Oh, okay. Yeah...I guess I do have to agree that they used to be better than they are now...I still love them though.

Hey, okay, random question. Have you ever heard of Black Veil Brides? Because we seem to have a similar music taste, and I like to rep my favorite band whenever I can.

What's up?.

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