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About me.
Oh, hello there.
My name is Tasneem. I'm 19.

I'm from Khartoum, Sudan and loving this country is a constant heartache.
Sitting under a baobab tree with friends by the great Nile over a cup of warm Karkade as the sun slowly sinks in the horizon painting the sky lovely shades of red usually soothes that pain.

I just graduated architecture school and I'm not sure what to do with all the free time; I hardly had any in the past five years... My plan for now is to sit down, read, think and reflect.
What topics/reading material do you suggest? Kindly share.

My favourite things to do are to read and write poetry, I find great joy is spoken word performances, regardless of whether I'm performing or listening. YouTube 'Def Jam Poetry' and thank me later.

I also draw, sing out loud badly, surf the interwebs, stare into space consumed in deep thought, photograph and make graphic designs at times.

I'm passionate about sustainable development of communities and environmental awareness. No, climate change is not a myth, a Youth Climate Reporter is a reliable source of information.

I listen to a lot of music genres, my favourites are classic soul/jazz, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye and Percy Sledge are a few names among many I enjoy. Amy Winehouse was brilliant. Adele is not so bad. I also like alternative rock like Coldplay, Train, The Script and Say Anything and old school Hip Hop.

Don't hesitate to message me, it probably will make my day.

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