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About me.
My name is Claire and I am a Bozo. :)
8th grade. Yeah.
Trumpet. :D
Atheist Liberal........
yes, my picture is inspired by the "happy llama, sad llama" song.
yes, i know i have a big-**** nose.
Just moved from Michigan to Kentucky. I miss my friends. So always try to be nice to the new kid, even if you think they prefer being alone at first.
I wanna be a therapist when I grow up.
Books don't take me to magical lands of wonder, but they are quite nice.
My favorite books/series' are "Blue is for Nightmares", "A Series of Unfortunate Events", "Danny, the Champion of the World", pretty much anything by Roald Dahl actually, "The Art of Racing in the Rain", and, of course, "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies".
I like Twilight but not too incredibly much. Have read all the books but got pretty confused in the 3rd + 4th ones. I like Harry Potter too, and am finally reading the books (currently on Goblet of Fire).
Justin Bieber... didn't really like him from the start, but you guys that froth at the mouth (in both fans and non-fans alike) are kind of pathetic.
I like about any genre of music that you can hum or whistle to. So not screamo or plain rap. Favorite bands/artists are NeverShoutNever (!!!!!), Taking Back Sunday, Hollywood Undead, and Gorillaz.
I speak a little french, due to a 2009 Rosetta Stone Christmas.

Shelby is my ** partner (in crime.) She lives like a half hour away from me which is why we have Mario Kart ** like every other night. Seriously, if I had to pick three people to come with me in the zombie apocalypse, it would be Shelby, Shelby's abs, and Shelby's freckles. (l)
Allison lives in New York and "twawlkz lwiyk theiss" and says "cawfee" and she gave me **** cancer and she looks like a puppy and I love her. Her waiting music makes me laugh fa days every time I call her.
Sinner is cute.
Eric and I are trying to find something to debate about (d)
I feel bad because every time I text Ana I start doing something else :( SHE HAS AMAZING TASTE IN MUSIC AND IS SO PRETTY.
Janelle is Australian. (y)

Your cat'll trip balls:

i am like obsessed with ice cubes. OBSESSED!

ask questions or make out with a dementor, it's your choice.


wow remember back in the day when we used to talk a lot, I've gotten pretty lazy with amirite so let me offer you a formal apology and a "hey, how's it going?"

Porque ella particibaba en un intercambio de espana con Los estudiantes en su escuela

Ohh haha mi hermana va a espana en primavera de 2012

es un projecto de pelicula, nosotros necesitamos usar los fotos y hablar en el preterito {to explain a story}

yo estoy en espanol dos, y tu??

ahhhh, aqui aprendamos el imperfecto y yo necesito hacer un projecto de video!

hahah si, i want raised with it or naything, just takin the classses in school! :D
que aprendes ahora en tus clase de espanol?

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