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About me.
I live in the US, I'm 13 years old and I have a brother( he's 15).

I play trumpet in my school's concert and jazz band, I have been playing for 3 years.

I'm pretty opinionated unless you give me really great RELIABLE arguments :P I hate admitting I'm wrong, so it's a challenge from me to you :)

I dance (ballet, pointe, jazz, tap and lyrical) and have for 8 years.

I enjoy listening to Taylor Swift and U2. I strongly dislike songs that have no meaning to the singer/group.

I love snow but hate cold weather. I'd much prefer to live at the beach.

Two of my best friends are steamy_pancakes and Samisa(*takes bow* I made up her name!) On the topic of name, I realize "Claudhoppers" is not the same spelling as the delicious chocolate covered graham crackers, it's a play on words involing my name :D (ps steamy_pancakes made it up)

I'm terrible at making these, so if you want to know anything else, just ask! :D

P.S.I'm aslo a great friend, which is why, from request, I'm putting this:"I'm an amazingly beautiful wonderful person who is teaching steamy_pancakes how to dance during 3rd quarter break next year" (guess who that's from! :D)


i do tap and lyrical too:D

It's true. I actually played it because I'm lazy and 3 valves were easier to remember fingerings for :P.
My band write it's own stuff. We might do a cover or two of something as a first song before a concert just so people can recognize that we can, in fact, play other people's stuff.
I want some lyrics or something. Just something delicate and meaningful. Nothing really big.

Na na na na na na na na HAPPY EASTERRRRRR [to the tune of the batman thing.]
I agree with the love snow. Cold weather = D:< thing. People need to invent sunny weather snow. Stuff that doesn't melt even when it's warm out. No wait... I SHOULD INVENT IT. It'd make millions~ oh ho ho ho <3
Anywhom. I play trumpet :D Well... Played... I sorta quit ^v^"

Oh right, cool :)
It was awesome, going to the zoo today then getting on the plane home :')
We went to the newseum, it was really good :)

:L oh right ahaha
We have quite a few, but the trafford centre's the best, by far! XD

We're not on a school trip, ahaha, I'm on holiday, ahaha, we have exchanges too :)
So far we only have a French one, but we're looking into a Herman one for next year :) which ones do you have? :)

That's awesome, will do :)
We saw people at shopping centres on school trips. . . is that normal? XD
:) sounds pretty cool :)
Yeah, it's just plain awesome :L
If you like science & that we've got MOSI, Museum Of Science and Industry which is interesting and there's quite a bit on hands-on stuff :)
But it's amazing for shopping too, we have this shopping centre called the trafford centre, it's MASSIVE. Like seriously, at the bottom there's a map :L
It even has a mini Chinatown ffs XD

How come you were on a school trip to DC? :)

You should come to manchester! It's where all the cool kids hang out :L

Ahaha, my bad :')
No, but I will be getting on a plane to go there on Sunday morning! I'm going to Washington DC and I'm sososososososo excited! XD
Have you ever been to England? :)

:L Oh, I meant we go back in September too :')
Yeah, our holidays are pretty decent :D I prefer them like that though :)

I think we do, we break up at the end of July & go back in August, when do you guys break up? :)

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