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About me.
Well, I've discovered that I've never really used this little 'About You' whatnot, and decided that maybe I should. So yeah.

Hrm... I live in one of the most boring places in America. South Carolina. bleh.
I happen to acquire some of the strangest phobias.
And I have a history of meeting celebrities and insulting them.
On accident.
I have really interesting friends who like to bet on the color of people's underwear, so I'm sure that says something about me.
AND, it's been my life long aspiration to be mentioned in someone's 'About You' thing. And, I have. So, I guess my life is complete... Anywho, Littletank (<--- the one who mentioned me) and Daace96 are pretty swell.
So, yeah... That's pretty much it.

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Exceptional. Yourself?

Or be grateful for helping to educate myself on my mistakes.
That's the positive view of it at least.

Thank you for your kind words :)
There were a couple of things. The only one I remember however was the syllable count in the last two lines. They should both be eight. I thought they were, but apparently "everyone" is three syllables instead of four.

Found it!

Walking around in suits and ties 
These people all believe they have reformed 
Hiding from themselves; a disguise 
In truth these people have only conformed 

Being led down the primrose path
These people are all so oblivious
Dependent in the aftermath 
These people are now lost; lascivious

Believing it's the only way
These people will always follow blindly
Waiting for the chance to obey
All they say is please and thank you kindly 

Everyone hopes to reform
Each of us will slowly conform

To each their own. I actually wrote a poem on conformity not too long ago. Yeah, I'm one of those artistic types ;) I tried to make it a sonnet, but when I had it reviewed I was notified that it was not fully in the right format.

Gaming was a big part of my life back then. I did eventually grow out of it though. I played Portal a tad bit. It was challenging, but fun nonetheless.

Oh thanks. Always good to know how average I am haha.

I'm parallel with you when I was your age. I used to play WoW at the time (not ashamed to admit it), and everyone who I talked to on there assumed I was in my twenties based on my grammar and vocabulary. The few people I talked often too were rather shocked when things got a bit more personal in the messages and they found out my true age.

Oh wow, I didn't suspect you to be so young. You speak very well for your age. Keep it up! It's a great asset to have.
Sounds like you've got a nice start on your plans. I hope it all works out for you.

Ah I was not aware of your age. I'm currently on break for the summer, but will be attending a University this coming Fall semester. I'm planning to major in Psychology. It's been a passion since I was young. I just didn't always know it.

Do you plan on attending a college/university? Major?

Coffee and an open book? Sounds like you're cramming for an exam.

Do you go to school?

So.. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that you are in fact a fan of coffee?

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