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About me.
I'm only focused on lacrosse. And friends.
I'm really not into school. The problem is that I'm smarter than what my grades show, homework is what brings me down.
I do cool stuff like play the piano and teach myself ukulele.
Otherwise, my life would be wasting away-needta have the best time with what you got
Stay beautiful


Is Constance your real name?

I think you're pretty cool, considering the usual amiriters.

I think you're pretty cool, considering the usual amiriters.

Yepper doodles.

I thought your posts were pretty funny.. Am i not allowed to add you? :)

Guys use "you have pretty eyes" because they know girls love that compliment the most, which means it's the easiest way to get into a girls pants :P

Oh, but they do. or at least 7/8 guys do. Well thats my perception on it. I say this because I hang out with a lot of sluts or man whores I guess? So all they do is spend their time trying to get into girl's pants. How do you see it?

Because when you compliment a girl on anything, everyone assumes you want to get in their pants, but I'm not like that and it's annoying. So I just say nothing at all.

But its so hard to say nice things to girls, especially if they are stoopid ):

YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT HAXS ARE O:? "Something deemed unfair or unexpectedly unfavorable. Could be used to accuse someone of using cheating/hacking/some sort of trickery to accomplish something, usually jokingly." You know what I wish I was good at? I wish I was good at cooking because I heard all the ladies love that, do they?

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