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About me.
I'm a cosmopolite because I hate nationalism and patriotism. I'm also an atheist.

-Like to play chess on my free time
-Listen to all kinds of music, mostly rock, metal, and their variants.
-Political views are mostly libertarian.
-Favorite subject is science. (Astrophysics, quantum physics, chemistry)

My profile picture is Robert de Niro from Taxi Driver only because I thought it looked cool.


Aye, that was awesome.

I'm trying to think of some Australian/New Zealand comedians to link, but I can't find any good bits on YouTube :/

Ah, rightio.

Lol, thanks for looking that up - my friend Mona and I have been arguing about it for a while, you're the first person to notice that they actually have different names.

Sweet, I've only seen a few George Carlin things on JewTube, but I've just started getting into Bill Hicks. He's bloody amazing.

Even though I gave up smoking at the start of the year, so this probably applies to me, I crack up every time I watch it -

Oi, since you're a fan of his - is he the same David Thorne who used to write Your Band Sucks for Something Awful? My mates and I have been bickering about this for ages.

Holy shit bro, how long have you been on the site?

And, yeah, I didn't realise til I saved the pic and then put my own name on it - - that it had Simon in it.

Also, the Simon guy he works with seems like a giant douche. Good detective work though.

So, tell me a bit about yourself mate?

Yeah, I was debating whether to have pre or post shaved Bickle.

It didn't load again, but I can see the 27bslash6 in the url, and I did get my old pic off David Thorne's site. You're Australian?

Haha, that's only part of the movie anyone else knows.
The picture you copy pasta'd didn't load.


We've both got Travis Bickle as our profile pics.

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