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About me.
I've made up my mind took time to think of everything i could do
It may be hard but i'm trying hard to comprehend
Where i quit and where i should begin
I know that i shouldn't let it get to me
But it does and who am i kidding?
A dead end job and a lack of family
This town really gets to me

Wake up you're a drama queen
Carry on like you're supposed to be
Get away hurry up come on
Get away gotta get up and go
Break out from the drama scene
Stick around it'll bury me
Get away hurry up come on
This is becoming a catastrophe

- Forever the Sickest Kids


my user name?
or my actual name?
i'm slow , bear with me.

& it was hilarious.

i saw you voted on some post , but my name was right under it , so it said "damnedifido pullthetrigger__" it made me laugh , so hi :D

Its a beast of a song. but year ke$ha Being in it kinda ruins it.

Thats like their best song! i'v got that song memorized! lol
So freakin cute!!!!!!! haha

YES! =)
And i LOVEEE 3OH!3! Everyone Thinks I'm weird cause I'm a girl and i like 3OH!3 they think its a guy band. whatever!

Haha! You should feel very special!
I love forever the sickest kids=)
I like believe me i'm lying, by them!

Chyeah! I guess i'll be looking at your page every so often then.

I like whats on your about you thing.=)

Wall virginity, mine :D

Good day to you, ma'am.

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