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About me.
Hello, sick people and their loved ones! In the interest of saving time and avoiding a lot of boring chitchat later, I'm Doctor Gregory House; you can call me "Greg." I'm one of the doctors here on amirite, not that there is any need for one. This ray of sunshine is Doctor Lisa Cuddy. Doctor Cuddy runs this whole hospital, so unfortunately she's much too busy to deal with you. I am a Board certified diagnostician with a double specialty in infectious disease and nephrology. I am also the only doctor currently employed on this website who is forced to be here against his will. That is true, isn't it? But not to worry, because for most of you, this job could be done by a monkey with a bottle of Motrin. Speaking of which, if you're particularly annoying, you may see me reach for this: this is Vicodin. It's mine. You can't have any. And no, I do not have a pain management problem, I have a pain problem. But who knows? Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm too stoned to tell. So, who wants me? And who would rather wait for one of the other two guys? Okay. Well, I'll be in Exam Room One if you change your mind."


It's never lupus.

Umm... I'm in love with you. I just wanted to let you know. :)

i am in love with your posts and ur about me section :))))

I approve of this profile.

Why is there a random quotation mark at the end of your About Me section?

So. Much. Win. :'D

House! Awesome!!

Psst... I'll give you lots of Vicodin if you give me Wilson AND Chase's numbers!


I'll smuggle you some Vicodin if you give me Robert Chase's number.

Your posts are awesome; <3 House!

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