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About me.

Pink_Dinosaur is the cutest and smartest dinosaur i've ever met, i want to marry him :P

N.B. Psychedelic IS a word

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

"Boom I got yo boyfriend, I got yo man" - Synyster Gates

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Even though I love m. Shadows just as much, there's still half of synyster gates in my picture c:

Synyster Gates is like the most amazing person ever right!!

You're welcome! By the way, I was on a religious pilgrimage thingy, that's why I haven't responded in a long time. Right now, we are visiting some relatives, so I have internet!

Hahaha, I can't sing along while playing guitar for the shit of me. I used to not be able to play fast at all, but eventually I got used to it. I'm still not amazingly fast, it's just when I play a riff over and over again, it eventually becomes instinct to not mess up and I play just a bit faster, and I just keep doing that until I can play with the song :)
Have you learned any improvisation techniques? Whenever improvise, it always sounds very similar, and I wanna kind of mix it up a bit :P

No doubt! Oh, I have to go, gonna blog about some underground band on my website with my new MacBook. 8D

Lockes for Love, I believe

Haha, yeah, I guess I will. :) I'll mention you in the comments.

Lol, Knives and Pens isn't too hard, just really fast, lol. There are like sixteenth notes >.<

Haha, I love Asking Alexandria. They are just so badass! They don't give a fuck about what people think of them :P
Hahaha, i can haz big lenz-less glassez?

I did, it was a drastic one lol. I grew it for like 2 years and then cut and donated it.

Nikki Sixx and Andy Sixx have a lot in common for people who have nothing to do with each other, amirite?

I've been playing for like a month and a half. I'm actually doing okay for someone who's been playing that long. I can play Knives and Pens by BVB.

Asking Alexandria is real, and there are other bands that are real, my favorite is just Asking Alexandria. A lot of bands are fake though. Asking Alexandria is the next big thing, I'm sure of it.

I just realized that it is Nikki Sixx, lol. Btw, music video for "Pray for Me". 'Nuff said.

Hahaha, yeah they are the best band in the world.
I love the band, they are my inspiration for guitar playing, Ben Bruce is a boss.
Yeah, they are, in my opinion, the only "real" band left.

Family can't afford it really.

Not a lot to look forward to, it's just harder >.<

Nope don't travel.

Taking physics, maths, chemistry and IT.

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