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About me.
I'm Natalie.
I'm from New York but not the city.
I play volleyball but wish I played tennis.
I love skiing, hiking, and camping but not hunting.
My favorite books are Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, The Mortal Instruments, Divergent, and Delirium but that's not all.
School sucks but I'm good at it.
Alex reads Twilight is amazing but I like Twilight.
I play the tuba but never practice.
The Harry Potter Literal Trailer is fantastic but so is The Hunger Games I Wanna Go parody.
I love f.r.i.e.n.d.s but who doesn't?


Your username is totally awesome. ...Sorry, I had to say it. XP

Also, it's rare that I find another Percy Jackson fan, so yay for Percy Jackson!

You're Harry Freakin' Potter!
You don't understand
you're a legend, man,
to us all!
Every son and daughter--
From You-Know-Who,
all because of you!
You were small,
but I wonder if you can recall...
Long story short,
this guy,
[whispered] "Voldemort"
was super cruel...
... Tried to kill you & your parents,
and this is where it gets intensely cool...
Even though you were a tiny little boy,
you shoulda died but you survived and then destroyed
this evil guy and it's story we enjoy to tell....
You're Harry Freakin' Potter!
We don't prefer Gandalf,
Merlin, or Oz,
You're a whole lot hotter!
With that lighting scar,
you're a superstar to us all!
If we're in trouble we know who to call!

I love AVPM!!
and i obviously play bass clarinet

It's harry frikin potter!

your username is supermegafoxyawesomehot!


I almost did when I finished Mockingjay, but there were witnesses about.

They're pretty much amazing. Especially Hunger Games.

all of themn r

up, it is

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