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About me.
I call phones and make people think no ones there. I make the lights flicker on and off. And then I come and get ya.

So yeah, I'm a girl. Apparently, because of my account name and such, I'm thought of as a guy. Sad face.

I'm a sophmore in high school. Oh, I live in Florida too. Near Disney. But its not as exciting as you might think. The weather is too annoying here to live. Vacationing here must be nice though.

I think its obvious that I'm a nerd. I like playing video games, watching anime, reading manga, and watching cartoons. I love Modern Warfare 2. I'd tell you my gamertag, but my brother took his Xbox with him to college... /: I have a Wii though.

I can speak English, Spanish, and currently learning Mandarin Chinese (Its SO hard, but fun to learn). I'm from a Spanish speaking country. Care to guess?

Team StarKid is the best theater group I have ever seen. Legit.
"Red Vines. What the hell can't they do?"


Modern warfare is an amazing game :)

Well ill admit. after watching a few paranormal movies i get sort of freaked out.

No, hes still a g. I like theyre type of comedy.

What if a monster pops up from under your bed at night?

Sponge bob is a g!

Youre crazy!!! Heights are scary as fuck!!

No just like any other funny videos.
Yeah when i saw your name i was like THATS FREAKING AWESOME

Universal studios? Like the theme park? Ive never even been to six flags, i hate heights

Yeah i know it should of been real...

hahaha that was pretty funny, you have any more?

When i see you, Im like a geodude, hard as a rock ;D

Ive never seen a single saw movie before...

I laughed at this..before i found out it was fake

Nice one haha

I think I need a Paralyze Heal, because you're stunning (wary)

No because its hilarious!

(hehe) That was the first time iver seen those videos. Ive watched all the movies and read all the books though.

Wanna hear a joke about the broken pencil? Nah nevermind there's no point!

EpicMealTime ate turtles too (puke)

Yeah Squirt seems like a nice guy, but he is a sea turtle.

Wanna see a cool video?


Youre koo then.

Oh i see. Yeah i had no idea people eat kangaroos. Did the kangaroo steal his money? haha (get it?)

Thanks! Most people are grossed out by that.
Shark? Now that's legit.
But Kangaroo? Idk dude killing Kangaroos seems not cool.

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