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About me.
Hello, there! I am Sophie and I've been a user on here for about a year now and have edited this thing at least five times. I aim to get it just right this time. You know what they say... the sixth time's the charm. That isn't the phrase? Oh well.

My username is a reference to one of my favorite books, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Hectic Glow is Augustus Waters' (the main boy character) favorite band. I thought it was a much better username than my old one, That_Crazy_Girl. And yes, I am a huge nerdfighter! I have read all of John Green's books (I think?). My favorite of his has to be the aforementioned closely followed by Paper Towns.

After a few years of struggling with my sexuality (I labeled myself as straight, to lesbian, to straight, to bisexual, to gay again in the span of about 3 years), I realized I am as gay as they come. One of the most annoying questions I hate being asked is, "Is it just a phase?" NO, I LOVE WOMEN... DEAL WITH IT! And even if it was, how would I know? It's not like I'd be like, "Oh no I'm only gay for about three months and then I'm going completely asexual." Plus I hate when guys say it's a waste that I'm gay. I'm not a waste; I'm **** special (not really).

Another thing that I realized this year that kind of ties in with my homosexuality is that I am very passionate when it comes to things like gay rights or abortion rights or pretty much anything relating people's rights. I could talk/argue about gay rights for hours if you let me. I just hate the age I'm at because I can't really do anything about my ideas. When I get older though, I wish to become an activist and help earn gays the rights they are entitled to.

Basically I am:
-Pro-choice- Who am I to take away a woman's right to make her own decisions? I would never get an abortion myself in the unlikely event I do get pregnant (you see, the likeliness of a a girl impregnating another girl is very, very slim) but just because I don't like something doesn't mean the choice should be taken away for the rest of America. Bottom line is this: People have the freedom to make their own decisions. No one else should take away that person's right to make that decision just because they (the other person) don't feel comfortable with it.
-Pro-gay rights. This is supposed to be a free country, amirite? Why should a particular group of people have more rights than others? If "All men are created equal" then shouldn't every man be entitled to the same rights as the next regardless of their religion, race, gender, and sexual orientation? Everyone should have the right to marry the person they love. I mean if you really think about it all arguments against gay marriage are stupid:

All arguments against gay marriage that involve religion are automatically invalid since America is not a theocracy.

Some awesome quotes about gay marriage:
http://ctrlv.in/90522 <====== Beautiful.
"Same **** marriages will ruin the sanctity of marriage." Oh and how are divorces any better? And really who would want to destroy the sanctity of Kim Kardashian's three day marriage?
"Marriage is between a man and a woman."- Isn't marriage supposed to be between two people who love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together? It shouldn't matter the gender of either parties. Who is anyone else to decide that a couple's love isn't deemed good enough?
This is an argument I heard from a friend: "Marriage is defined in the dictionary as being between a man and woman."- The English language evolves every day. New words are being put to use, and other words are becoming obsolete. New definitions of words are being added to the dictionary to keep up with this generation. Take the word gay for instance. It used to mean happy and carefree but then evolved later to be a synonym for homosexual. And actually many dictionaries (at least online ones) are changing the definition of marriage to include same **** relationships. Besides I really don't think basing your beliefs on the dictionary is a very good plan. I can almost see people replacing "Because the Bible says so" with "Because the dictionary says so."

Anyway bottom line is everyone, gay or straight, should have the same rights and no one should be left out or treated differently. Sorry for ranting.

*Another thing about my politics: I am kind of close-minded when it comes to pro-lifers and anti-gay rights people. I just can't relate to them. I don't know how their brains work, how they justify controlling other people's lives- when it's really none of their goddamn business- and taking innocent people's rights away. It makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. So sorry if I come off as a little judgmental because I sort of am :/*

I am against the death penalty. It doesn't make sense to punish people for murder with murder.

I am some form of agnostic. I don't really know what sort of being is up there or even if there is one at all. I hope there is though purely because I'd hate to see anyone who does believe in God have their faith destroyed. I do believe in an afterlife but I don't think that it has anything to do with religion. It's just a place where the souls of dead people go.

I am a huge reader. Message me some book suggestions. I'll read anything. Some of my favorite books are (in no particular order):
-The Fault in Our Stars
-Paper Towns
-An Abundance of Katherines
-The Hunger Games
-City of Thieves
-The Shining
-The Great Gatsby
-If I Stay

I probably forgot some but anyway, moving on. I really watch more TV than is suggested. My favorite TV Shows are The L Word, (mostly because of
Shane (yum). She is the sexiest person in the world. Look her up on Youtube and you won't regret it.) Scrubs, Friends, and 30 Rock. The Colbert Report is also good. Stephen is hilarious. Oh and Law & Order: SVU is the best crime show out there. Nothing gets by Stabler and Benson. Except, you know, the occasional rapist.

I am a huge gamer. I play Black Ops moderately well. I wish I could be one of those badass **** who get like 30 kills every single round but my average is 14 (if I'm lucky. I do have bad streaks), which I suppose isn't too bad. I only play Hardcore Team Deathmatch and One in the Chamber if I'm with a friend. I also play Saints Row, which I think dominates over GTA.

I write. I have at least 30 unfinished novels on my desktop that I just sort of gave up on. I have finished 3 books but only one has turned out to be actually worth reading. I hope to get that one published someday. Ask me about it. I'd love to talk about it.

I am genuinely worried about my generation. Everyone my age I know are shallow, boy-crazy, immature, and frankly kind of stupid. Then again that is how the people at my age are expected to act, which is again worrisome that people expect us to be vapid idiots. I have never been able to relate to people like that. People tell me I relate better to adults than teenagers, which is both good and bad. It's partly because I actually enjoy debating about politics and not many people my age like that sort of stuff or even have the capacity to understand it. They're too caught up in boys and who kissed who at a party and oh my god is he going to ask her out!!?!?!?

I have a very limited music taste. I only really like Rock 'n' Roll. The only three bands I really listen to are Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and The Rolling Stones and then a mixture of some others that I can't remember. But those three are my favorites. I really hate when people accuse me of only liking it because I want to be cool or whatever. It's not true. I genuinely love Classic Rock. I think Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones are two of the greatest bands of all time. Sticky Fingers and Let it Bleed are my favorite albums by the Stones. They're just... fantastic. I wish I could have been alive to see them play in concert. Again if you have any band suggestions, message me.

I am 13 years old, if you were wondering. I don't think I should be banned from this site. I have been here for a year and haven't experienced any trouble.

But anyway, message me if you want to more about me!

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