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About me.
Check out my tumblr -> http://fagg0try-atitsfinest.tumblr.com/
If you like what you see, you should follow me. ;D
That rhymed.
I can make a rhyme, anytime, cause I'm a poet. I didn't know it. I bust out rhymes like I commit crimes.
WHICH IS NEVER. I'm so white.

Yes, I ate your dinosaur.
I'm really sorry.
I can't control my problem.

You see that button above this little box? The one that says "iAteYourDinosaur's Posts" ? Click it.
Read the posts you see ;)
And you know the buttons on the posts? The ones that say "Yeah You Are!" and "No Way" ? Pick one, and click it.
Its very much appreciated.

Don't you feel better, as a human being, now that you've done something very much appreciated?
Continue on with your amirite? -ing. :)

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Samee, I have to make my sister's Christmas present soon :p

:) so what's up?

Ohh okay, thanks! (:

Haha (: do you have any tips for shading? Like I just can't get this to look right... http://ctrlv.in/50448

Haha I guess! I can draw a wolf..... And that's about it.... Lawlz

That's awesome, I can't draw a decent person for my life!

That's awesome! I'm in a 3D art class at my school! What do you like drawing best?

***psychology wooops auto correct

There's so many physiology majors on here!!! Lol wait so fine art, like drawing and stuff?

Loll that's so exciting!! Do you know where you wanna go to college/what you wanna major in?

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