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About me.
Well, hi there.

Music is pretty much my life.

Muse is the best band ever. You can argue with me, and you will lose that argument. :)
Other than that, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Radiohead, Avenged Sevenfold, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Metallica, OneRepublic (c-c-c-COMBO BREAKER), My Chemical Romance...uh...that's what I can think of off the top of my head.
I REMEMBERED MORE: The Killers, Queen (can't believe I forgot them), Shinedown, Paramore.

YET ANOTHER: Rise Against

...why is Rise Against so special? It gets its own paragraph. Not cool.



And I HATE the Beatles. Some of the worst music on the planet (better than the crap pop we have now, but still, awful.) I get bashed on for it constantly, and before YOU bash on me for it, let me say that I respect them as influential and important musicians, while using the term "musician" very lightly.

I'm left handed. I kinda wish I was more left handed, because It's pretty much only for writing and using tools and stuff. I play guitar (right handed, grrr) and trombone/bass trombone (also right handed. grr).

I'm an aspiring geologist, and honestly, nobody really gets why I am. And that's cool.

ALSO I live in Minnesota and it's cold here. But it's actually a really nice night right now as I'm typing this. Besides, I end up pissed off at everything once the temperature hits 80, so I'm where I should be.

UPDATE: I went to Tennessee for a week and now I can stand 85 comfortably. :D

I like cross-country skiing. If it was easy it would be called alpine. And I'm not a great skier, but I don't really care. It's fun.

I read that. ^^It was actually sort of touching, and definitely not the worst piece of literature I've read. Give it a go if you have half an hour or so.


I can probably recite 70-80 percent of all Muse lyrics.
I'm thoroughly convinced I'm a bit OCD.
That being said, I have a horribly short attention span sometimes. O_O
I like these faces O_o O.o O_O o_O better than these faces :) :( :P ;)
I've gotten much less active on amirite? lately.
I suck at HTML and I'm gonna try it right now
I'm WAY too excited that it worked and now I'm gonna overuse it. Or maybe not.

IMP's Top 3


I like your taste in music! Breaking benjamin, 3 days grace, and shinedown are pretty sweet!!!

That I know. Their newer albums are like a totally different kind of music. Not that good :/

Well I see you like Metallica. I've just started to get into them.

All three of those songs were my favorite at some point in my life. It always alternates.

Right now my favorite song by them is probably "Time is Running Out" but my favorite song always changes. My favorite of their albums would be... Oh gosh I don't even know... It's hard to pick a favorite. How about you?

Lucky! I would do anything to see them in concert!

I wish. I'm starting to save up money so if there ever relatively near my area I can buy tickets without having to worry about the money. Have you seen them live?

I do like to think I'm cool. And Muse is AMAZING, amirite?

Yeah the only one iv been to was neon trees it was pretty awesome

yes it is very very similer! haha and i love queen! i was going through my moms closet and i found a queen shirt that she got from the actual concert in like 1982.....the shirt is now im my closet...

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