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About me.
Here's my little box of things you probably don't care about and most likely won't take the time to read, anyway.

I'd tell you what my username means, but that would take all the fun out of you figuring it out yourself. Which shouldn't be too hard, you're free to cheat off of all the other people who already know.
I debated changing my name to Perkele, but I enjoy all the "Ich liebe dich auch" messages I get too much.
I speak bits of German and Norwegian, and I'm interested in Italian and Russian. I adore history, and probably know more useless facts about it than is completely normal.
Nothing bothers me more than hate, ignorance, and people sticking their noses where they don't belong. Don't like it? I respect your opinion. But it's just that: Your opinion. Don't push it on other people.
I like Anime. :D Feel free to chat with me about it, or strike up a conversation with me about anything at all, I'm usually a pretty friendly person.

... Whoever can guess what country the flag in my picture is from, without cheating (looking it up, looking at messages to see if anyone else has guessed right, etc), gets a cookie.

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Prussia! :D Ich liebe dich auch...awesome ^^

Prussian flag! :D

Oh, hallo, mir gehts gut, und du?

I like your username. I know what it means :)

It's the flag of Prussia right? You wouldn't happen to be a Hetalia fan would you? :D

Ich bin ein Berliner.

I liebe dich auuuuuuchhhhhhhhhh.
Danke für Ihre Aufmerksamkeit.

That sounds horrible. I feel so sorry for you but at least by the end you'll be able to eat anything :D

I can't skate at all so ice hockey's out of the question. I know how to play but a only play when my friends or gym class make me or when we have those big street or ball hockey games in our neighbourhood and they're really desperate.

It's a weird mix of moving and regional programs. I guess it gets a bit lonely at times but you learn to cope.

XD Our food's horrible too but they don't make a big deal if we leave the grounds to get food so I guess it's okay.

What type of hockey do you play?

I've always liked that about small towns. I guess it might be because I've never stayed with the same group of people longer than four years.

They hallways aren't really all that bad but the cafeteria is. The school's old and poor so their building isn't the best. Since they're poor they do a lot of stuff for funding (though they'll never admit it) like having rhe largest gifted program in the region (why I'm stuck there) and a huge ESL program.

No hockey team? D:

Those sound fun though

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