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About me.
Hello there!

I'm Icy, but you can call me Icy.

I like poetry. I've written some stuff.

I rarely read famous poets' work. I sometimes read someone else's poetry, but not normally. I do when I'm feeling uninspired or wanting to critique it.

But sometimes I just enjoy reading the poetry. :P

I've been a bit brain-dead lately, but that's normal. Maybe soon I'll start writing more. I do hope so.

Favorite artists/bands:

The Fray
Three Days Grace

Phoenix, The Arctic Monkeys, Andrew Bird, Animal Collective, The Bird and the Bee, Cage The Elephant, Cake, The Decemberists, Jason Mraz, KT Tunstall, Metric, Modeselektor, Motion City Soundtrack, Spoon, The Ting Tings, and Vampire Weekend.

I scrolled through my iPod library for this. So that's why it's in (almost) alphabetical order.

But that's not the only music I have. Just my favorites. I have a lot more music than that.

Favorite books:

The Vast Fields of Ordinary
Thirteen Reasons Why

If you read this all, cookies for you. Lemon cookies. Yum.
Even though this probably wasn't a gigantic wall of text, you still get cookies. :P

And so this is me:



Well, it's the *second* most entertaining thing ever, if you know what I mean. (hello)

And by that, I mean the first most entertaining thing is reading Harry Potter.


Excuse me, dearie, but I believe I told you to REMIND me to message you back. You're lucky I was amirite-stalking myself, or I think I might have forgotten :)
EW I hate immature people. But you know what I hate even more than that?
How my principal says mature. It's like scuse me Dr. Moorhead, not trying to be rude but it's muh-chur not mah-tour.
Also she says sophomore like soph-oh-more, which is annoying. I mean, I get that that's how you spell it and all, but really?
Anyhoo, I am doing wonderfully :)
I was sick, but I'm betterish now, so that's making me happy.
And it's raining again, which is always good. rain makes me happy :)
I'm just in a happy mood today :DDDDD
Happy, happy, happy :P
Happy happy
happy :PPP
Sorry, now you probably think I'm high or something. Right?
Except I'm not high. I promise.
Happy happy happy happy happy

Happy happy happy happy

Happy happy Happy

Happy happy



I don't actually know why. Nothing particularly good happened today. It was actually probably more of a bad day. But still. I'm happy.

Okay, I'll stop now :)

Teehee :)

Okay seriously. Stopping now.

I have tons of homework. I mean, 2 homework-free days while I was sick was excellent, but now I'm piled with homework for the weekend.


Teehee. Today is the best day ever!

Ever ever ever ever ever

Goddammit the annoying kids i'm babysitting are here byee :)

i dont feel like talking right now...do the message-me-and-remind-me-to-message-you thing again

ok, thanks :)

Haha, I think amirite creeping is more entertaining than Facebook stalking, so I know what you mean.


Harry Potter iz za best. And if it is possible, I do. Sometimes I satirize to the extent where what I'm writing is completely unsatirical and occasionally nonsensical.

You did not just say you were freaked out by my beautiful Future Husband. I know you did not, because if you had, I would probably not be speaking with you anymore.

Actually, I guess I still would be speaking with you, because
1) i hate when people aren't speaking with me, and
2) It is a kind of strange picture. He's all like "Well, Imma cover up my nipples in the most awkward way possible even though I'm a guy so I don't have to, but I'm Christofer Drew Ingle and I'm freaking sexy so people will love me no matter how weird I am."

And I do. I love him very much, even though he is weird. Right now I am listening to one of his songs. It's quite a lovely song.

So, how are you? I feel like I ask everyone that every time I send them a message, but I guess last time I asked you it was a couple days ago, so you're probably not feeling exactly the same today.

Random question: What is your biggest pet peeve?

Everyone always asks me that, so I give them a random one, but then later I think of like 60 other things that annoy me more, and I'm like darn.

I have no homework tonight :)

That's making me all happy, because I can just hang out at my house and do nothing all night. Do-nothing afternoons are the best :)

It's raining! I love it :)



But what the fuck happened to rock and roll?

Sorry, I'm listening to that song and it's doing its very best to get stuck in my head, which is good because it's a great song.

OK that's all :)

Love you

Bye :D

Hey now, I was literally clicking reply to your message when the little notification popped up! Let's not get our panties in a wad :)

I hate when people say that. Mostly because the only person I've ever heard say it is the one who's trying to singlehandedly ruin my life. But she's a dumb whore, so it doesn't really matter. Don't tell her I said that. Actually, go ahead. I'd like her to know what I think of her. :)

And yeah, I'm like always online, mostly because I never log off or shut down my computer or anything. Then last night I decided to be good and actually turn it off for once, but then when I turned it back on later, I figured out that the beautiful powerpoint I made for school DID NOT SAVE. I was pissed. It's like, I spent an hour on that, and it can't even autosave or anything? Ugh. It upset me.

So, I'm eating strawberries right now, and they are delicious. Except when I was cutting off the tops, my knife like attacked my poor little finger. It made me sad. But it wasn't sharp or anything, so no permanent damage :)

And no, that's not me in my picture. I feel like about 75% of the people who message me are like ooh hot guy, i'll message him. Then I have to break it to them that that is Christopher Drew Ingle, and he's taken. By me. Then they're like oh, not only is it not a hot guy, it's also a girl. Damn.

Promise you won't stop talking to me just because I'm not the most beautiful boy in the entire world?

Good :)

I'm out of room so bye :)

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