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About me.
My name is Ana. I'm from Wyoming. I recently got into a huge Invader Zim phase and can't escape.

And amirite won't let me post 'You just lost the Game.'


Hello with love,
How are you dear? i hope you are doing great.
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please reply me with this ID (aishatukamala@yahoo.in)

i really like your username for some reason...

Yea, me too. But it's whatever. If I can use safe mode and do the things I usually do (other than YouTube -__-) I'm pretty much set, and I don't do much. :P

But, if we do get it checked then it's a uber plus, y'know?

Well, that figures. ^__^.

I can't really watch youtube videos anymore though. :L My computer has a virus or something and it's gonna be awhile before I actually get it checked out, so for now I'm using safe mode/mom's computer.

Ohhhhh. O: I like Invader Zim; only I don't watch it so much. >_<

It's alright. What is your picture anyways? :o

I saw you post a comment and I thought that your picture was a dragon, I'm somewhat disappointed. (un)

but people wouldn't be content with you.

not neccassarily, you need to take some things seriously, but not everything. that just makes you a square.

I think you take things way too seriously.

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