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Hello! Sorry it took me so long to reply, I have just settled in after traveling away for a while.
I'm pretty sure that the kind of community development each of us perceives is different as we come from very different communities, mine is mainly focused on training the group mind into being better informed, more tolerant and more able to make rational decisions. While these qualities are found among many individuals, my community as a whole lacks them. I've had a lot less experience than brainstorming on the matter though, I volunteer for some creative writing workshops in schools, some awareness and journalism projects and that's about it.
What about you? And if that's your minor what's your major? I really wish we had this as an option in my college, I definitely would have went for it!

I enjoy your posts thoroughly. Kudos to originality!

Wow, you sure do have a lot of posts.

(also continuing message)

So yeah, not really progressing with a point here but I feel like both examples expand understanding of what comes from trusting in God's will. I'm not sure what to think about it. I mean, there's little chance that the preacher is lying bc there are so many people who know him and have the ability to call him out on it who haven't. And you and I both have grown up hearing missionary stories like Amy Carmichael, Nate Saint, and David Livingstone, so there's real modern-day examples right there that's ingrained in us. I don't know what to think, what's your take on the examples. God's will? Lucky chances? Good intentions well received?

I would gladly believe God's will, but my stomach still knots at the luck required to escape Hell and at the unfairness that I feel has never ever been properly addressed at either my church or school.

(continuing last message)

to go back again. So he did reluctantly without the full support of the church or his wife and after a lot of praying. You got to hand it to him, his faith in God and his love for the hurting was pretty remarkable. When he got there, he felt an urge to pull over and walk around. He walked about 2 blocks and a gang was just hanging out. They immediately excepted him as one of them simply because "he was enemies with the police too". And the leader of that gang walked him over to met another gang. They treated him like a criminal celebrity and listened to his sermon which struck a chord in all of them. And it is safe to say there are hundreds of uncanny lucky things that happen for the preacher, like looking for an address, pulling over to ask someone and he asks just the right person only to find that he parked right in front of the house.

Ok, I'm not going to rewrite the book and you should get the gest.

Here's the second example: A family friend and the rest of his family felt called to Honduras. They spent a few years learning Spanish and raising money to go. Once they had raised quite a bit from our church they went. They had planned on staying there for 5 years or even more, but nothing went smoothly and the people in Honduras were not open to them. Everything fell through and they had no choice but to come back after 11 months and apologized to the church (bc of the funding) and then they joined another church.

No it's cool, no hard feelings. The day I sent that three different people at three different times just left when I was in the middle of conversation with them so I was a tad peeved.

And now that you said it like that, I finally get where you're going with the God's will point! Yeah I agree, and on top of that it could put someone in a very dangerous position. Now if God is there, and God is the Biblical God, he would protect the person. But of course there are two dangers: he may not exist (or at least the Biblical one) and if he does, we aren't supposed to test him. But at the same time the Christian faith wants the believer to be anything but lukewarm. It's not contradictory, but it seems like treading on thin ice. I have two examples (a positive one and a negative one): this year for Bible (as in the course at my school), the required reading was The Cross and the Switchblade. Have you heard of it? It's a first-hand account about a North Carolinian preacher and his calling for outreach to NYC's gangs. His first time to the city, he was humiliated by the press for interrupting a court room asking the judge to let him see the boys on trial and was escorted by the guards. The press made him out to be a Bible-thumping country preacher and the papers got back to his town. The financial support of his church dropped, but the attendance rose (bc of the better weather and they could leave their farms) so he received the same amount as the first time which was just enough to go

I don't like to say this straight up but I will bc I'm always ignored IRL (which is the great thing about internet communication because it gives overlooked people the same voice as a gregarious jock) to walk away and ignore an ongoing conversation about possibly the only thing that really matters is rude. No hard feeling, honestly, my classes have started too and I'm busy as well but why not put a close to the conversation?

Hey Joe! Check out my new website. It's basically an online magazine that lets you post articles on anything you want. Here's the link: . It's pretty slick!

That's really insightful and yeah, I definitely agree that the theology is far more deeper than any other religions/theories.

"My earlier illustration of the supermarket was just asking if God's will is compatible in that type of circumstance with our totally free will?" So as if the person declined the offer? That would bring up the question can someone be outside of God's plan? Sorry to bring up another biblical example, but I don't want to state an opinion without saying why. God's original plan was for the Israelites to go to the promised land but they kept disobeying what God commanded and they ended up spending those 40 years in the desert. So in that case, God adjusted his will/plan for them. You haven't said what your thoughts are on this question, what do you think?

Wait wait, there's nothing impressive about my faith... I didn't say that I necessarily believed in the Christian God. Remember at the very least I'm a deist. So with you not believing in God (granted you're not completely sure) why are we still talking about the Christian God (free will and such)? It seems like to you if the Christian God doesn't exist then no other god does. I would love to hear your insight to why you think it's Him or none at all.

What are you trying to say with the free will/predestination/God's plan example of the supermarket? Are you saying they all can't exist (like they are an example of a fallacy in Christianity) or are you pointing out that it isn't fair to be a puppet?

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