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About me.
My name is Lewis, I'm 19, Australian and a little bit of a grammar nazi. If I don't correct your spelling/grammar, then know that this is due to tremendous effort on my part. I greatly value some friendly debate, and will sometimes defend a position I don't hold myself as it is both a good mental exercise and a great way to challenge your own opinions. I like to surround myself with people and material that I disagree with for this very reason.

"The ironist is not bitter, he does not seek to undercut everything that seems worthy or serious, he scorns the cheap scoring-off of the wisecracker. He stands, so to speak, somewhat at one side, observes and speaks with a moderation which is occasionally embellished with a flash of controlled exaggeration. He speaks from a certain depth, and thus he is not of the same nature as the wit, who so often speaks from the tongue and no deeper. The wit's desire is to be funny; the ironist is only funny as a secondary achievement."


Sorry about the three replies - you probably didn't want a novel, I just couldn't condense it.

I don't know many jazz musicians - recommend me some songs I can look up on YouTube?

Nevermind, I did a quick Google Image Search, it is her - she's the only jazz singer I know, so I honestly did give an honest guess. I love her songs "Ain't Nobody's Business" and "Strange Fruit" - particularly Strange Fruit, listening to it late at night.

and if it weren't for Google Chrome correcting my mistakes, I'd be a lot worse. Who is the singer in your profile (I'm assuming by her open mouth she's a singer)? Billie Holiday?

because I hear a clinic in Melbourne is doing more research into the prenatal causes, but I think they want people who haven't started taking synthetic hormones yet, and I'm planning to go on them soon, after the Brisbane Gender Clinic reopens (it closed because of the recent floods).

But, like, most things, it isn't just biological determination. I've thought for years about this, and I reckon I know the pros and cons, and I think as an adult, I'm making the right decision for myself. (One thing I'm against that other trans people aren't is people under 18 taking hormones to begin the transsexual process - I feel even an age like 16 is too young, even though I know myself that they've probably felt this way for more than a decade.)

Thank you. I was trying to be more civil than I usually am in debates, because while I am extremely against the idea of anyone, especially women (and often than not it is women) being judged for their ** life, and especially considered "used" if they have had . While at the same time, I'm kinda readjusting my own views on it - I don't like to bring personal life into an argument, so that's why I didn't mention it, but I myself have stopped having ** with people unless I'm in a relationship with them.

I'm just reading your profile - what part of Australia are you from? Also, it must have taken a lot of effort for you not to correct my mistakes on that post - I'm an awful spelling (continued)

Yes, sort of. This is actually one of the most difficult things for me to put into words, because I don't really know how to explain it. Basically, I was born female, raised like a normal female child, but when I was younger, I wanted to grow up to be a man. And, even though I knew nothing about transsexuals, it was just something I was going to do. When I was around 12, I started Googling a few things, and found out that it was possible to have hormones and surgery, and to be legally male. But it wasn't until last year that I started doing some more research about the causes of it - because it wasn't just a delusion or anything, yet I couldn't explain why I wasn't just a masculine woman, plus some other things (I had had EEG and MRI scans before for unrelated reasons, and the doctors performing them has put my **** marker as Unknown despite the paperwork saying Female), plus I haven't started hormone replacement yet (I've moved around a lot since I was 15, I'm back with my parents now, still looking for a place) but I still have facial/body hair, and no menstrual cycle. I go to a Gay Youth Centre, which has a transgender and intersex youth group, and they started talking about prenatal causes of transsexuality - that it actually is more biological than people think.

There's numerous tests already done - Google transgender brain scans, or I've got some links if you want, but I'd still be interested in some of them (continued)

Who is that in your profile picture?

yeah, i'm from victoria


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