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About me.
Hey, I'm LittleRed, but you can just call me LittleRed. I'm a seventeen year old girl, living in America.

I'm black, and both my parents were raised in Eritrea (it's a country in eastern Africa, if you've never heard of it). I love to read and write, mostly because I'm horribly uncoordinated and that prevents me from doing most things. I also love to eat, watch football, and listen to music.

Hey, look, I'm a conformist!

^I'll follow you back if you ask me to!

Favorite faces: (hello) (goo) (hehe) (you're jealous)

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Really? Sweet! I've always been particularly fond of cheese. Now it all makes sense.

I just realized you're Eritrean. I'm Ethiopian . . .

Does this make us instant BFFs or instant enemies?

Same:) And they are good way of teaching big lessons in a way children will understand.

It kind of is. Like, listening to your mom about men and how they could use you if given the chance. Also, my teacher said that the granny lives in the forst because she likes to live on the edge, which I though was weird...

I kinda love these double meanings though:)

I guess it's mainly about being careful around strangers. However, what I wrote is what my english teacher told us.

The red hood is supposed to symbolise sexual awakening, and the wolf is supposed to symbolise men. The real moral of the story is to be careful around men. At least, that's one of the interpretations.

Do you know the real meaning of Little Red Riding Hood?

whats up :P! I was interested when I saw your comment! not everyone says that :)! btw am following your blog on tumblr, lol cool stuff u've got there:P!

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