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About me.
Hello :3
I'm Victoria. I'm 15 years old & celebrate that on march 9th.
I'm a Christian (Reformed). Jesus is my Lord and Savior. Bash it all you want.

I am a strong supporter of TWLOHA.

I have very strong opinions on abortion and homosexuality. They're both WRONG. And I don't really care if you don't like my opinion.

I'm absolutely addicted to the SHAYTARDS on YouTube. It's my dream to have an amazing family like theirs one day.

I'm also addicted to playing The Sims 3. Kinda dorky, but whatever, I love it.

My favorite band is either Skillet or Paramore, but my favorite singer is definitely Carrie Underwood, although lately I'm addicted to Adele.

My favorite TV shows are NCIS, Biggest Loser & Once Upon A Time (so amazing). But I will watch almost anything.

I believe happiness is a choice, and that no matter what type of situation you're in you can be happy. Don't tell me that I don't understand, I've been to the bottom, and I know what it's like.
So yea. That's me. Bye.


That's a really awesome way of looking at it (y)

You say you think homosexuality is wrong, so I'm just curious, would you say you hate gay people or would, for instance, disown a friend or family member if they were gay?

oh goodness, its taken me so long to respond, I'm sorry! the march for life is absolutely amazing, i really hope you will be able to go one day - where do you live? i live really close to DC, so its only about an hour drive for me :)
& i love that verse too! its not from the bible, but i love this quote: "don't ask yourself what the world needs. ask yourself what makes you come alive because what the world needs is people who have come alive." thank you for the prayers, know that i'll be praying for you as well. you are BEAUTIFUL, keep healthy xx

Of course not! :) I am catholic, the reason I asked is because I saw you mentioned the pro-life day of silence (not sure of the exact name). & I have always wanted to participate, although I never have.. I have gone to the march for life in DC for the past few years though :) I also have been struggling - starving, & more recently b/p, as well as self-harm, the whole deal..) but currently in recovery :) & I feel like such a hippocrite saying this, but remember, you are perfect, whole, and complete in Jesus, STAY STRONG beautiful <3

you are amazing & lovely <3 our posts are so much alike! two questions, (i hope i'm not being too personal) are you catholic & do you have an ED? sorry to bother you, i hope you are having a wonderful day!

Thank you. [blushes]

i knowww rightt!! i read the book as well

your awesome bc..... you watch NCIS&Criminal minds :D

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