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About me.
My account is boring. My posts are generally boring. Why are you even here? Did you miss me while I was gone this summer, if you were even aware of my absence? Whatever the reason, I might as well try to entertain you while you're here.

My profile picture it my dog, Jack, who passed away on New Years Day. The memory of him and how he died doesn't hurt as much anymore, but it wouldn't feel right taking the picture down.

I'm a high school student. I'm on the advanced track of classes, in band (hopefully taking theory as well), and a competitor in journalistic writing (for UIL, if that means anything to you). I know I'll want to pursue higher education later (if I can afford it), but I'm still undecided on what specifically to get a degree in.

I like to write, but I have a tendency to either give up on projects I feel like no one would appreciate or finish a project then become fearful of showing anyone. Everything I write is laced with a little bit of me, so it's difficult to put it out there for people to judge.

I'm a nerd halfway in the closet about it. Ask me about my interests if you really want to know.

I'm a teenage girl, going through what (I hope) a lot of other teenage girls are, but I'm in the minority, personality-wise. I'm introvert, without a doubt, but I give a lot more to the people around me than I take. My adult and teenage peers alike say I'm mature for my age and a leader, but sometimes I don't believe it. Also, for some reason, I'm ridiculously driven and have a strict set of morals. Like a lot of teenagers, though (I hope), a lot of situations come my way that make me question who I really am.

My humor is usually a bit dry and cynical. Or dirty, as any band nerd's jokes aught to be.

If there's something you want to ask me, or if you're just curious about who I am, ask, I don't mind, though there is some info I will withhold for personal reasons.

I've made over 200 posts with 38 homepaged and have been favorited 203 (last time I checked)... I'm kinda addicted to Anonymous posting. Anyway, go about whatever business you came to my profile for in the first place.


A forever ago?
I like this term.
Stealing it.

There's a post based on this.

Stop it, the voice, in my head, pauses after, each comma.
I'm doing it, to myself, now.

Was the, comma after, me, really, necessary?
Yes. I tend to do so in fits of anger.

Sorry, I'm really bored.

Pestering? He didn't immediately accept my fist bump?
Kill him.

Fine, now it's all better, happy?
Seriously? Nice (y)
Did you tell him it was from me?

No offense?
Oh. I took offense.
Tell him it's a fist bump for another Lebanese person and he'll be more than happy I'm sure.

Four chocholate chip cookie. Enjoy it and rate it on a scale of 1 - 10 of awesomeness.
Your teacher is clearly a bad **** thug. Fist bump that gangster for me.
You probably won't though.

Hey, sorry I took so long to reply.
What do you enjoy reading?

I'm not very fit, either - it was more light jogging than running. I'm awful at running - you know the movie Run Fatboy Run where he runs 10 metres and then is exhausted? That's me trying to exercise.

Why would I ask you what your favourite princess is? That's a very odd question.

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