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About me.

Me llamo, Madison.
and I am horrible at spanish. i'm fluent in sarcasm, though ;D

Well, since everyone is posting their birthday, lemme jump on the bandwagon. I was born on July 21, 1995. and inthe school year, 2011-2012, I will be a junior.

- Sports.
I am not your average teenage girl. I will go out and play football with the guys, and not care if I break a nail. (mainly because I don't wear nails.) However, they are one of my passions. I love playing ANY sport: from softball to soccer to tennis. I am a huge competitor, and I will get soo mad if I lose. I should probably work on that. oh well. My favorite sports would have to be hockey and baseball. I live in Georgia, and the Atlanta Thrashers were sold to Canada. Darn them. ):< Oh well. The Atlanta Braves are still here though! :D
- School
Again, not a lot of people enjoy going to school. I do. I love seeing my friends, and learning new things everyday. I'd have to say my favorite subject is History. (oh how boring, rite?) I think mostly because of the teacher I had. He was awesome and related everything to modern times. So he probably has impacted my choice on the subject. Oh! Yeah, I like spanish tambien. I said I'm horrible at it at top, but this is my 5th year taking it, so I guess I'm not that bad. Send me a message in spanish so I can practice if you want :P I second guess myself, a lot. I should work on that as well.(SIDE NOTE!: I hate when people spell "a lot", "alot" it is ONE WORD. /endrant)

-capitial punishment, ftw. " eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.."

Yeah, a lot of you probably will not read all of this. i don't blame you.

Oh! Yeah!..My friend Nejla told me about this site, have to give credit to her! :D


thank you canadagirl13 and That_Crazy_Girl for reading my whole about me :P

One last thing..
if you happen to go through my posts, send me a message with which you liked the best. thank you! :D

Madison_'s Top 3


So, how does a team from one city get sold to a different country?

American sports confuse the **** outta me.

Wait.. Is it a lot or alot? It's a lot... Right?

Oh okay don't take the compliment, that's cool.

Hey baby are you from Tennessee?
Cause you're the only ten I see

hey are you a lesbian?

My favorite post of yours is the wheelchair one :3

Do you thank people every time they favourite one of your posts? :P haha thanks! I have to admit, the line isn't original. It's shameful, I know. And for the record, I DID read your entire about me. ;D Mooharhar.

I read your whole bio too! :3 It's refreshing seeing a teenage girl who actually cares about school and sports (ono)

You have really good posts. keep it up :P

haha you deserve it ;)

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