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About me.
HI! read the following points and you shall know me better!

- I live in Montreal, that is in Canada!
- I'm never angry
- I am 6'2... 18 years old
- I speak 4 languages
- I've been to: USA, Cuba, Spain, Qatar, Italy, France and Iran
- Not a big chocolate fan
- I love cooking
- I am pretty good at improvising
- I got hit by a car when I was 6 or 7
- I've been playing soccer for 11 years
- Left-handed
- I don't believe in God
- I've been playing guitar for 6 years now
- Piranha 3D is one of the worst movies ever. (WHO THE ** THROWS A HALF-EATEN ** AT YOU IN 3D)
- I worship Iron maiden
- I listen to heavy metal to relax and before going to bed
- You should listen The Division Bell album... It's amazing
- My dream cars: Muscle: Dodge Challenger Luxury: Aston Martin DB9
- I hate it when Amirite decides to erase all of your (about me).... Monday January 24th :(
- I am afraid of farm birds and horror movies.
- I got my wisdom teeth pulled out on october 5th 2010.
- Afterward, I was high as **** (because of the painkillers and the anesthetics) so I drooled blood all over my school uniform
- I know how to say "Give me your hair" In Chinease: GAY WO NI DE TOFAA!!
- I always get a steak n cheese foot long on herb and cheese bread with everything except pickles and cucumbers
- COSTCO!!!!!!!!!!!
- I work at Tim Horton's (like Dunkin Doughnuts and starbucks but 10000 x better and cheaper)
- I can't cut plastic with scissors because im lefty and its a pain in the **** cutting stuff with a right-handed scissor.
- I love orange Juice, Parmesan cheese, ketchup, PBJ, 2% MILK, oranges, DR PEPPER, Doritos, V8
- I am unorganized
- I put pancakes on my maple syrup
- I will snowboard for the first time on Friday January 28th
- Knock Knock, Who's there? Roofis... Roofis who? YOUR ROOFIS ON FIREEE!!!!
- I can't stand slow people and the ones who argue too much over small problems
- Douche in french means Shower
- I can bend my thumb backwards
- On my 18th b-day... I passed out outside of my friend's house
- Favourite brand of beer: 1664
- I love bars way more than clubs
- clubs are full of douchebags
- I hate douchebags
- I got bit by a dog in the face
- I can knit
- Trees
- I got my first bee sting this July
- I don't have any allergies... (I think)
- Reheating pizza in a toaster is amazing
- How I met your mother and Suits are my favourite tv shows
- One day I would like to open my own restaurant
- I got flat feet
- I Reddit
- my first POTD after 2 years: august 18th 2012

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Oh cool! I was born in Mashad, Iran. :P

Are you middle eastern? Because you look it.

Pirhana 3D? Pleease. Pirhana 3DD is where its at.

Well if you ever try them, you must tell me how they are.

I know what you mean about cutting with right handed scissors....damn righties 

Nah it's fine. I visit the Buffalo area annually so I get my yearly fix then. And it's sooo much better after 12 months waiting.
How are the paninis?

Congratulations on your first POTD!
And you're a lefty! *left-handed high-five*
And you have Timmy Ho's available to you... You lucky ****. (d)

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