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About me.
I am obsessed with Pokemon (clearly). My favourites are Entei and Charmander.

I refuse to grow up.

I watch cartoons, write poetry, listen to music, draw, read, and deface my own furniture.
I am attempting to save up for a guitar which I will paint sea foam green but I ended up putting most of my money into a fund to help stray kitties.
I am extremely close to a few people and plan to live with said people when I start college.
I love astrology, animals, philosophy, psychology, comedy, and a great many other things.

My favourite movie is Spirited Away. I adore Miyazaki, Tim Burton, and classic Disney. My favourite Disney movie is probably Winnie the Pooh and the Search for Christopher Robin. I also really love musicals though I haven't seen many.

My favourite band is the Beatles and my favourite song of theirs is probably Rocky Raccoon, but that changes every few months. My favourite song of all time is probably Pegasus by the Hollies, but I'm really not sure.

I crack jokes at inappropriate times and have no intention of changing this.
I have no idea if I am popular, despised, or unnoticed in real life. Human life thoroughly confuses me and I would much prefer to be a cat. Many people give me the impression that they think I'm weird, and often, I agree.

I spell most things in UK English simply because I prefer the way it looks to the US version, but I actually live in the US. This started in about third grade with a couple of words and has progressed over time. It gives me the feeling that English teachers here don't like me much.

I'm not always right, but I'm certainly onto something.


Oho. Look at you and your french.

Your picture is charmander.


What are you wearing, Jake From State Farm?

Uh... khakis?

Haha, you too. We may just be soulmates, nbd.

Charmander and Entei are AWESOME! Personally, though, my favorite is Eevee.

:D pokemon ftw


Regular Show, Adventure time, Phineas and Ferb, Kids Next Door....Basically really dorky kids shows. Oh..and just recently My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic D: . It's just so..GOOD. For some weird reason. I'm addicted to it.
Then of course you get the "big kid" cartoons like anime. Pokemon of course!

I like pokemon too :D Cept my favorites are Vaporeon and any other eevee evolve :P haha.


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