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About me.
Oh hai.
Marys my name and Solitaire is my game.
I was born in England but moved when i was three.
I lived in New Zealand for five years, then moved to cute ol' little Canada.
For all you dim-witted people out there, its not little, its frikken huge.
There isnt snow on the ground all 12 months of the year. & i live in a house, not an igloo.
I travel out of the country atleast twice a year.
Sorry babez, i dont have an accent.
As you can see, i like to use commas, even when they're not ment to be used.
Dont judge me, its a bad habbit.

I'd like it if you add me as a friend. I'm not that weird.


Rhinos are cheaper I've heard. They look more like unicorns too, so that's a plus. :)

My mom said he joined the CIA, which according to her stands for Central Intelligent Animals. We should go get new ones. xD

hahaaa, still :P butt umm i forget the namee :$

Ouuuu, thats awesomee :) i bet if we seen eachothers houses on google earth, yours would be muchh nicer, andd theres prbly like mountains in the backround and stuff, there ususally is in B.c. ive been there twice :)

Ontario :) hby?

hahaha yeppp, that make it all ok :) eh? ;)

Cause shes fuckin ennoying as hell :) hahaa andd yyess, yes i am carazy ;)

Thanks :)

and don't be shy, just add other people if they seem nice :D that's what I do.

I haz your walls virginity.
And hey.

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