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About me.
I'm Maya, obviously. I'm Lebanese; no no not lesbian, LEBANESE, as in I'm from and I live in Lebanon. The reason why my username is my name is because I'm not creative when it comes to names ok.

I'm not really new to the site, I've been on here for like a year and 2 months, but my old account got banned like two months after I made it. My old username was Expelliarmus, I'm not sure if any of you remember me because I was basically a nobody. I got banned because I supposedly was spamming but I really didn't mean to, I was trying to be funny :( Anyways I promise I won't spam again.

Even after I got banned, I've been going on the site like almost everyday, and I sometimes make posts and comments. I didn't think of making a new account back then because school was going to start soon so I thought I'd be better off without one. But now I really missed having an account, so I made this one.

I got a POTD while banned!

And I've made loads of posts, but there are a few posts I made that I really like and am proud of:

What really made me want to come back is that POTD from a few days ago about being attractive when making a duckface or scrunching your lips together. I even participated in it.
I'm the second girl on the top left corner:

Okay I think my bio's long now, even though most of what I wrote was about my life on amirite instead of my actual life. Feel free to message me I guess, I'd like to make friends again on the site, and hopefully some of the people I talked to back then will remember me lol.

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Haha i have no idea but the mods just need to stop.

So one of my posts was re-homepaged... ever heard of pajama sam, freddi fish, spy fox, or backyard kids? I made a post about it exactly a year ago and it was homepaged around that time and just yesterday it was homepaged... Again. De ja vu right?

Idk if you knew who I was but I used to have the username angelemi1419 but u changed it due to length but all I know is even the mods are rehomepaging a lot of old posts. It's kind of sad actually since the major demographic is older people.

He hasnt posted on here awhile, it's mostly college and middle aged people who post on here anyways. Also, did you hear Len left? I saw an anon post that said Len and everyone was like grieving over his departure. It's quite weird, and it's really weird that mostly mods get potd's too.

Action man is demodded and he comes on every once in awhile. Anthony is totally inactive.

Anthony wouldn't have cared but I've spoken with action man and he says that new management is corrupt.

This June it'll be 3 years for me and up until we got new management and censoring of posts then I got pissed. I totally have nooo idea how he got banned or what all I know is his messages he sent me are not showing up and his profile is gone.

I think popsiclestick got banned, he sent me some messages but they wont show up and he "disappeared." personally i fully fully FULLY agree with your post and i do not like all these new brainteasers, dumb overused quotes, and dumb dumb dumb puns, they give me thought cancer. Just to let you know it wasn't offensive at all, "management" doesn't want newcomers to think this site is shit. Now if i get banned for this message, i salute you.

We're you the post that said that post gave me cancer?

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