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About me.
Why Are You Worrying About You-Know-Who?
You SHOULD Be Worrying About
the Constipation Sensation That's Gripping the Nation!

Needless to say, I love Harry Potter.
A Very Potter Musical is the best thing that ever hit the internet.
I'm in Hufflepuff, in case you were wondering. We are particularly good Finders.

I'm a swimmer (500 free baby), I'm obsessed with sharks and I love marine biology.

I can be a spelling/grammar nazi, but I usually just keep it to myself. I will, however, most likely give you an upvote if I see you correct someone else's grammar.

I love to act, especially improv, especially especially Shakespeare.
I love to cook, especially bake.
I am fascinated with psychology.

Current career aspiration: Clinical Neuropsychologist with an emphasis on anxiety disorders.

Favorite TV shows: Psych, House, NCIS. Especially Psych. It's the best.

One more thing: Latin is not dead, it's immortal. If you disagree, well, it may be hard for us to get along. (gst)


Moonshoes's Top 3


Hope you get your candy or whatever it is

I voted for you so you owe me a poem.

YES! oh my word, you commented on one of my posts, and I saw your picture. I agree with EVERYTHING you said! I love theatre, AVPM, and DFTBA. I'm even a grammar nazi! God, I wish I could just... just... meet you! Not meaning to be a creaper- but I just think we'd be best friends! Haha :)

It really is!!(:

Nope, that is kind of impossible(:

Latin will NEVER die!

Yes! Virtual nerd hi five!

What the HELL is a HUFFLEPUFF!?

geez, how could i forget the hyphen?! .-.


i love your over exaggerated laugh. (did i spell that correctly?)

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