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About me.
Why hello there!

-Things I love: Music*, running, reading, being alone, Juno, How I Met Your Mother, Guitar & Bass, big cities, To Write Love On Her Arms, psychology,Hyperbole and a Half, and autumn/fall.

- Things I can't stand: People who blame "society" for everything, geometry, small woodland creatures(chipmucks, birds, etc), The Foo Fighters, farms, and Kings of Leon.

*Specific artists I love:
My Chemical Romance
Blink 182
Sum 41
Motion City Soundtrack
Fall Out Boy
Katy Perry
Death Cab For Cutie
Rise Against
Andy Grammer
Ben Folds
Taylor Swift
Lady Gaga
Adam Ant


Is the "GENERALLY" bit referring to Justin Bieber? Haha

I didn't know about them until a couple of months ago when a friend introduced them to me. Apparently they're this band from Toronto(I think...?), not very famous..

You actually saw them LIVE!?!??! WHOA AWESOMENESS!!! :D

I like FMStatic too...favorites are Tonight, Man Wacha Doin, Moment of Truth, and Definitely Maybe.

Well, I like Green Day a lot...

My favorites are She's a Rebel, Last of the American Girls, American Idiot, and 21th Century Breakdown.


My favorites are CrushCrushCrush, That's What You Get, Ignorance, and Misery Business.

Oh! You like Good Charlotte too? Awesome! :D

sure. Well(like a golden retriever), he always wears his emotions on his sleeves, and goes bounding back to Harry(Deathly Hollows, when he left, Goblet of Fire, after their fight)and Hermione(the Lavender Episode in book 6) no matter what happens, and stuff like that.

Favorite Paramore song?

I like Welcome to the Black Parade by my Chemical Romance. I don't know much about Simple plan though....

David Bowie. I know, kind of strange for a teen. What about you?

I feel like you would like Greenday

Haha, yeah! He's like Harry/Hermione's golden retriever...(do you get me?)

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