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About me.
Hey I'm not really good with words so it is VERY rare for me to get a post on the homepage :/ but I continue trying to come up with them because it always brightens my day to see one of my posts get home paged :)

I am a 16 year old girl who is a bit odd.
I'm obsessed with the following things:
Harry Potter
Taylor Swift
Criminal Minds
How I Met Your Mother
Doctor Who (Still on the first season so no spoilers!)

Those things are a little scattered, particularly the iCarly and Criminal Minds one.
Another odd fact about myself is that
when I was 8 I was obsessed with the show Friends
10 obsessed with The office
11-forever obsessed with Harry Potter
and then at 15 I became obsessed with iCarly
I think I might be growing up backwards.
Now at 16 I'm sort of obsessed with Doctor Who. So now I'm finally into something that's meant for my age. Yay!

I also am becoming sort of a movie buff. If you have any good movies to recommend, leave a comment :)

I highly doubt that anyone will read this. If someone did I highly doubt they'll remember it 5 minutes later.

Incase you were wondering my profile picture is a post I made, but amirite deleted it because it was 'offensive to them.' It was not meant offensively just teasingly. Like you would an old friend. Here's a much larger picture of it:

7 is my favorite number (Friends) and as of today, March 1, 2012- I have gotten 7 posts on the homepage. I think my goal is 69...

And on December 20, 2012 I got a post of the day!!!!!!! You have no idea how I reacted to this when I found out! Sorry, I'm still in shock.

Other posts I made before I made this account are:

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Pffffffffft. I have 96 homepagers as of today (22 sept. 2012)

Hey thurr

Oh, and we're the same age. Bahah.

Well ... we're both smart blondes, and love Harry Potter. And other things I can't remember because it has been a while since I saw your profile.

Dude... We are like exactly the same. But I am in Ravenclaw. :)


I was obsessed with the same things when I grew up. Friends, seinfeld, the office, dexter, harry potter, and then random Disney shows. Thankfully I got over the Disney shows. Oh, and you can change your username if you hate it. Just go to the settings page.

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