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About me.
Hi. I'm Nicki. Living in Germany. Go to school. Come home. Play volleyball. Listen to music. Talk to friends. Do homework. Eat. Sleep. Breath. ;)


Massachusetts.. USA lol you?

just checking my account that i never been on in 2 months hahahah

I'm great! haha hbu?

Of course not. ;P Although I'm sure your dog wouldn't mind a quick walk. :P And pretty sure you can't just avoid your homework D:
Wooow that's rude of him. Why'd he do that? D:
I'd love it if they all did that. :P Spread a bit of Brit around the globe, make themselves seem crazy for doing so at the same time, it's a win-win. (hehe)
It's basically like saying "Fair Enough", but... different wording. :P

Haha nice one. What're you procrastinating from? Surely nothing which is more important than talking to me, it's inconceivable. :P
What time is it there, 9:45 or 10:45? :o
Lolol there's nothing wrong with throwing a bit of Brit into your daily speak. :P I'm trying to get more people to say "Fair do's" (wary)

Ohai there. Must have been terribly bored then. :P
It's alright thanks. How're you?

I do alot of Sports too. Track,Swimming,Soccer,Footy. stuff like that.

And don't think of me of a massive sporting person, cause I also love playing With Techy stuff :)

Yeah Been doing it for a While now.

Yep :) Love it

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