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About me.
Hi. I'm from AZ.

Words! There's so many words! And there's things, and - and stuff, and emotions! Thanks for listening!


Lovin' the profile picture!

Merry Christmas to you, too.

1. Yes, God created Satan. Long story short, Satan (He was called Lucifer at the time) was the second in command angel, outranked only by God. He wanted to be as powerful as God, so he and 1/3 or Heaven's angels decided to rebel. The were cast out if Heaven, and Lucifer and the angels became Satan and the demons, respectively.

2. I frown apon homosexuality because the Bible spesifically says no homosexuals will enter Heaven, thus it is a sin.

3. God created all things that are made of matter, and all the things in the spiritual world. I.e. Heaven Hell. But ideas, and emotions are not created by God, they are created by our minds. That is to say, just because someone murdered, it doesn't mean that the idea of murder is from God.

4. I won't accept it, but if gays would quit trying to get the right to "marry" (I put it in quotation marks because marriage is between a man an a woman), stop asking for rights, and left it in the bedroom, the controversy would go away.

5. That wasn't really a question. Do you want to know my opinion on gays adopting...?

6. Nah, it's fine. I'm not offended or anything, and I like it when people ask me questions. I often learn things myself when I do.

Hey that's pretty cool! Haha Bert, awesome! Is that McGee in your picture?

Haha, I love NCIS :D I own all the DVDs that are currently out and get my boyfriend to download the season being shown in America, before the DVD comes out. My favourite character is Abby! I like all the others though.

Loving the profile pic :)

I just took your wall virginity
Don't worry, I was totally safe :>

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