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About me.
Achievement Unlocked: Visited An Awesome Amiriter - 69G (hello)

Hi, I'm Nina.
I'm a distressingly skinny assassin girl living in the harsh concrete jungle of New York City in the endearingly obese nation of the USA. I post my opinions, post some photos, and pretty much do the whole internet things. They're rather stupid.
I listen to all sorts of music, have a soft spot for indie films, absolutely loathe hipsters, play a variety of video games, and worship the ground Karen Gillan walks on.

I daydream, I miss everything, I have trouble liking myself, and I pour the milk in the bowl before the cereal. However, I always think of others and can't wait to see what's next.

I am a great fan of many things, but you'll tend to see I overanalyze them and post thing about them here to the point where it becomes frivolous.

In short, I am and will always be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes. The dreamer of improbable dreams.

I got a POTD!


"nina it's literally impossible for you to marry ezio auditore, he's fictional so stop trying"- maggie

I'm just going to let you all know up front that this is the best video in creation:

Nonchalant_Nina's Top 3


I'm replaying fallout 3 again. Modded. XD
What happens when you import your old files?

I might just start with two and read the bio of number one.

Yea number one is double the price

Mass effect 1 costs more than mass effect 2 XD

Is it original Xbox? It should be backwards compatible anyways, but I'm just wondering.

It's not out yet. I want to play mass effect 2! Cause I want 3 as well. Was there a 1? Should I get it too?

Have you heard about borderlands 2?

Oh that ****? She's totes a ho.

Oh I used to play with him. I could make him do anything I wanted. When I said jump, he jumped. When I said jump off a building, he did it.

It's been a roller coaster sometimes... But were at an all time high. In my opinion anyways

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