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About me.
I love AVPM. AVPS is good too. I love South Park. I love classic Pokemon. I also love waffles. Ever seen Repo the Genetic Opera? No? THEN GO NOW! My mom and brothers think I'm weird. I love reading good books. I enjoy traveling anywhere. I believe animals have souls. I sometimes believe that my dog understands what I'm saying. I am very easily entertained and get bored just as easily. I try to see all points of view in an argument. SARA - basically my best friend in a long time. We hang out a lot. She means a lot to me, obviously. Bad grammar annoys me a lot. I find Greek mythology and Roman mythology to be really interesting. Egyptian and Norse mythology a little bit as well. I like tv and movies as well as music and poetry. The sky is falling! I want waffles and cotton candy and cheesecake. I often ramble. I love my crazy/random/weird friends. I quite enjoy my own weirdness. I want to travel the world someday. I love sugar cookies. I used to be addicted to Skittles, but got over it through my mom's intervention [I am now addicted to orange Runts.] Rambling can be fun as long as it's stream of consciousness style. Veronica Mars was cool as well as Stuart Little. Chi-Town State of Mind. I like flowers and clouds and fireworks. I sometimes wish I could read peoples' minds or have the powers of flight and invisibility. I love both old music and new. I like The Maine. I love BSB, Christina Aguilera, oldies, reggae, Eminem, rock, pop, rmb, hip-hop, etc. I may have become addicted to Facebook [sad I know]. I have recently realized I am part grammar Nazi. I absolutely love onomatopoeia at random times of the day. Decisions suck. KELLY - my awesome adopted cousin. We hang out a lot. She wanted to be in here...for whatever reason. Anyway, Red Vines. What in the hell can't they do? I tried to convert my mother into liking AVPM...sadly it failed...she did like Malfoy though... or at least his part in Granger Danger...but anyway...I'm 20. I have four brothers. I was born in Chicago, Illinois. I go there every summer to visit family and be a tourist. I love my hometown. :D
Wow, it's been ages since I've been on this site and it's come so far.


Thank you, yours is interesting as well

I'm very nice, thank you. Happy new years eve! By the way, I showed my mom AVPM, but she loved it :D

hello. :D

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Happy New Year! :D

Merry Christmas! :D x

I know, I almost died just when I saw his name on the credits!!!!! Oh, Darren Criss how I love thee. But I have to say... if it was Brian Rosenthal, I probably *would* have died.

It's... tom... orr... ow... (hyperventilates)

Haha no it really can't. I've seen the promo, that, and tooons of posts about it on like everything starkidpotter-related! I want it to be Tuesday, NOW! AH! :)

I already had watched that! Hahaha, I was almost crying when I saw that, it made me sooo happy! IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want it to be... like.... now! Haha

Yes, yes it is. I also love Survivor, Glee since Darren Criss is going to be on it and OMG it shows him in the next promo!!!!! I'm sooo excited!!!

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