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About me.
Hiya! wonderful muggles of the internet.

Soooo, my names Alena. Pronounce "uh-lee-na" not alayna or aloona, yeah. It's happened.
I'm russian. go ahead, ill wait while you make a communist joke.
I was born in Siberia.
I live in the us. I wish I did elsewhere. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on the US, but the grass is greener in ireland. I live in Pennsylvania, where I stalk Amish and the coolest thing that's ever happened in my neighborhood is some wolf went loose. I guess you could say i made this account purely so i could spread my painful attempts at humor.
My dream is to rule the world. Next step is to learn how to whistle. and after that be invited to Johnny Depp's Birthday Party.


Hmm... You have a point. Touché :P

What if I was really a Ministry of Magic official sent to bring you to justice because of your severe breach of the International Statute of Secrecy?

Hello, fellow witch.

Yeah, it'd be weird to not have all 4. I can't even imagine it baha

& I (l) party cake ice cream so much haha. Screw cake; screw ice cream. I only want them mashed together.

Haha you're stuck in PA, too? snoree P:

Yesh indeed. Tell him I said....



lol yes they do! i learned to accept it.
terrorist is a common one too.



And I feel awesome that your goldfish and I share the SAME NAME. FTW.

hahaa thanks (y) i tryy, and i havent made any posts in so long

Weird haha

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