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About me.
My name's Luke, I live in Melbourne, Australia. I'm 18. Just finished school and in the process of wasting a year of my life before I head off to uni. I've met Chestbrah and Zyzz (R.I.P). Catholic by default, Agnostic by choice. I wish I owned a Hummer, but I make do with my current automobile. If procrastinating was an Olympic event, I'd win gold.

-**** :)
-Mirror Selfies
-Nutella (could eat this shit all day)
-Australian Football
-Rugby Union
-Footy shorts
-Festivals (Big Day Out, Stereosonic and Future Music. Goes off chops!)
-Aussie hip-hop (360 <3)
-Trance and House music
-Mean Girls
-Shane Keith Warne
-George Orwell
-Being called 'Mr.' or 'Sir'

-People who use the words 'swag' and 'haters'
-People who curl in the squat racks
-Lads (scum of the earth)
-English sports teams
-The All Blacks
-Horror movies (shit scares me)
-Indian food
-Public Transport
-New South Wales
-Rugby League
-People who make shit Facebook statuses
-Harry Potter (Movies and books. Teenie-Boppers saying Z0mG I liK3 t0t3Z lUv dA HaRry PoTter !!!!!111drives me crazy)
-Dubstep (seriously, what the **** is that shit??!!)
-Apple electronics

Hit me up with a message, I literally jump for joy when I see the little red notification down the bottom of my screen.

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