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About me.
Gee, my name is Madi. I mean, I suppose you could call me The Coolest Person You've Ever Met, but really, just Madi is fine.
Don't be fooled now, that really is a picture of me. The chameleon on my shoulder is my one and only friend. I tell him secrets and we giggle together at slumber parties.
You can be my friend too.
If you want.
Not gonna lie, but I am one cool cat. Since I know everyone is dying to know just how cool I am, I will grace you all will some brief knowledge of Madi.
1. I rollerskate. I don't know if this is an actual sport or not. I like to tell myself it is. Hey, whatever helps me get to sleep at night, right? No, no, not roller derby, it's just like all that fancy figure ice skating jumps and spins, only on rollerskates. Because iceskating is for []s.
2.[]s ...squares....god, why am I such a square???
3. I like acting. Now, I don't want to brag, but once in second grade, I was in my class production of The Three Little Pigs. And I played a pig. Okay, so it wasn't a main was a background pig...but I still had three lines, and only two of them were oink.
4. My life is a musical. I walk around school, my house, and everywhere else just singing and dancing my feelings. And then people join in. ...Well, no one has joined in yet, but I'm sure they are going to.
5. You can join in.
6. When I grow up, I'm going to work at Disneyland. Life's dream, yo. Dawg. Gangsta. Word.
7. I'm just so cool that anyone I talk to instantly goes up in their status level so I mean I guess you could message me if you really want to and if you're cool enough, I might just grace you with a reply, Mr. Hottie McHotPants.
Alright my little princesses, fairwell.


Yeah, I could probably tell you all of those at once (wary)

Favorite color, I used to like (especially on clothing) either black, white or gray :$
But recently I've started shopping and getting things a little brighter, like baby blue and green and I like those colors.

These are p hard, I usually only either watch comedies, action or dreamworks/pixar films. So my favorite food... ughh, wellI just finished college (I'm old) and I've been eating nothing but fast food, so that... but I'm trying to change (jolly)

I can't sing to save my life, you'd sooner abandon me than hear me sing


Everyone calls me Kick and that is how you and Pascal shall refer to me, until we become better friends :>

Oh noooo, you must understand if anything it's a compliment :D
Yeah.. a compliment, they're so well plucked and so well done, that it looks like an artist created them (wary)

Great :')

Hmm, thin drawn out eyebrows, you don't see that often... not in this day and age

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! c:

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