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About me.
I've been using this website for two years, and now I'm making an account. I'm the blonde one in the picture, if that makes a difference.
Music: Really Big Fish, Down with Webster, t.A.T.u,Marina and the Diamonds, Vanessa Carleton, Kate Voegle, Adele.

Books: Harry Potter, The Duff (poorly written, good message, you know the drill), I am the Messenger etc, (I read a LOT)

Television: Community, 30 rock, Parks and Rec, The Office, Pretty Little Liars (guilty pleasure, we're all entitled to one),Frasier, Friends, Cheers,Family Guy, I also have an acute obsession with Degrassi:The Next Generation. (New cast sucks)

Movies: Back to the Future, North by North West, Casblanca, Chicago, The Sound of Music, The Hangover, The Princess Bride,Star Wars, and more.

I take suggestions for movies t.v shows, books and music. i feel I have over shared, so goodbye.

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wait do you live near chicago? i'm not a stalker but you look like someone from my school

I'd probably do that, but I know that I'd end up keeping them for myself. :$

They think it's stupid and random. That's the point - that the beauty of Adventure Time is its stupidity and randomness. D:<

omg right?! some of my friends don't like it (dhat) I can barely stand to be seen with them. :P

Right? Especially when the songs are bad. Have you ever seen Adventure Time? I love the songs they sing :D

I've never seen random bursts into song on normal TV shows though. Unless you count Glee, but that's basically a musical broken up into a TV series. And cartoons are excusable.

lool I've never thought of it that way (hehe) fair enough!

Musicals bother me because I'm just sitting there like 'There's no way a roomful of people could burst into song and dance perfectly without thinking like that!' But I love them all the same. :$

really? my taste in movies has stayed pretty much the same my whole life... I guess now I watch some more thriller/drama movies than when I was younger because I can actually grasp the plot now haha. what are your favorite types of movies?

or you think "OH GOD WHAT WAS I THINKING?!"

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