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About me.
Hey i\'m Rachael i\'m the one without the glasses in my picture, lol. The girl in the picture with me is my best friend Hannah, shes pretty cool ;)

Fav. color: Green

Music: A Day to Remember, The Junior Prom, Devil Wears Prada, Emarosa, Eminem, Forever the Sickest Kids, The Friday Night Boys, Mayday Parade and more.

Favorite tv shows: Law and Order:SVU, Big Bang Theory,Degrassi, Jersey Shore (it\'s funny to watch them be so damn stupid lol)

When I grow up I want to be a Special Victims Unit officer because pedofiles and perverts DISGUST me.

And I FULLY support Gays, transgenders, anyone :)

I\'m pretty chill so message me and we\'ll talk :)

NickBrocious IS a Patriots fan, no matter what he says :)

Rawrlicious is icy ;D

Julian yes OF COURSE there is seafood is Massachussetts! :)

I love Don<3 he is such an amazing person :)

Formspring :) ask me anything!

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that show is awesome.(:

i will soon, but i really havent had the time to go on FB...my internet is low and i cant get it on my laptop...i have play practice til like 8ish then i go on skype til like midnight

k...i'll try to find you

really, i cant go on FB til monday night because i'll be at my dad's. O wait, i blocked it so only friends of friends can see mine...well i guess i gotta wait then

cool, mine is Donovan Donny Minor. my profile pic is one of me and my friends wearing superhero masks

lucky you...i'm so tired from changing my sleep...hey do you have FB?

more or less, this school year kinda stinks

indeed...so howve u been?

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