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About me.
Hola! Becca here.
I don't really know what to write. Let's see... I love the Hunger Games and Maximum Ride. Best books ever. You should read them :)
I've been in gymnastics for, like, 7 years. It IS a sport, people. I'm also in track in the spring, even though I sorta suck at it. :P
Uhmm...I'm 13.
I love the shows Glee, Modern Family, That 70's Show, The Middle, etc. They're cool :)
I love to do crafts and such. Like friendship bracelets or stuff with duct tape or doodling.
Speaking of doodling, that's what I do for half the day at school. I guess you could say I'm smart, but I only get good grades because I do my homework and study. If you met me you'd know I'm not extremely smart.
I spend my weekends hanging out with friends, doing art stuff ^^^, reading, being lazy, and I spend A LOT of time on the computer. So much that it's sad. But I have, like, 1-2 gymnastics meets a month. So I guess that counts too.
Ehh, I don't really post a lot. But I vote a lot.
I don't feel like writing anything else. So peace and blessings. :)

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Martubs is fat

Thank you! i love your username and I'm glad you love toast!!

Heyyz. i is emmy's cousin. so hello there. k. goodbye! rawrr.

its not that hard. just click on settings

oh. well u should use a pic of one of your binkys

your binky.. tommy!

Yeah i did :) you need a pic tho! you should use a pic of tommy

heyyyy Becca!!! did you get your guinea pig yet?

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