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About me.
"I may play the fool at times but I'm a little more than just a pretty blonde girl with an **** that won't quit. "

-I'm 22, in college, and loving it so much I changed my major to put off becoming a responsible adult for another year
-I have a weird obsession with Friends, Lady Gaga, dirty jokes, Johnny Depp, mixed drinks, stripper poles, The Hangover, and the word "shenanigans".
-I don't bother responding to stupid comments or posts... total waste of my time. However, if I feel strongly enough about something I will give it a vote or semi-thoughtful response.
-I'm a Vikings, Heat, and hardcore U of Arizona fan.
-I'm not afraid to make fun of people. If that makes me a ****, so be it.
-I don't consider Dashboard Confessional to be my favorite band, but my all time favorite song is Hands Down
-I hate 3D movies, rude people, grape flavored candy, car commercials, and the fact that I have said "I" so much in this brief introduction.
-The End (... or is it only The Beginning?)

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Regina Filange?
Was Princess Consuela Banana Hammock taken?

I LOVE your name. :) Haha. She's so funny!

I LOVE your name. :) Haha. She's so funny!

I just watched that episode of Friends

I just had to say that when I'm reading your posts I automatically read them in Phoebe's voice XDDD

The Heat suck! Go Cavs!

Every time I read one of your posts, I can't help but read it in Phoebe's voice.

Not bad over here. Just really tired.

How ya doin. Long time no talk

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