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About me.
Well, hello! I am the RobotDevil! You may recognize me from Futurama. I may not be the stupidest caricature of Satan, but I sure am up there!

Disclaimer: The following lists are actually of stuff I like, and I am in no way making jokes about how they are the work of Satan or anything.

I suppose I could tell you what TV shows I like. They are:
The Office
The Simpsons
American Idol
Cash Cab
Jersey Shore (this one MAY be the work of Satan)

Here are some bands/singers I like:
System of a Down
Foo Fighters
The Who
Lady Gaga
Bruno Mars
Jason Derulo
Avril Lavigne
Green Day
Blue Öyster Cult
"Weird Al" Yankovic

I am male. Not much more to say about that.

I am a supporter of the Democratic Party (unlike what the REAL Satan would be a supporter of *cough cough*). Thus, you may see some of my posts and comments have a liberal slant to them. But hey, politics are boring! Let's talk about other stuff.

My favorite soda is Mountain Dew, then Dr Pepper (it's spelled without a period). My favorite ice cream is Moose Tracks, and my favorite fast food restaurant is Chick-fil-A (not all cities have those).

If I'm not on amirite?, I could be Facebooking, visiting Bulbapedia (the Pokémon encyclopedia) or its forum, on tumblr, YouTubing it up, or checking up on Fark. Sorry, but I post too idiotic of stuff on those websites, so I don't feel like revealing my user names for those.

If I make and incredibly stupid/confusing joke, please just humor me. I still haven't learned after all these years...

RobotDevil's Top 3


Not jk rowling!

You wouldn't.

I knew I couldn't trust that man, but it was too late to find another. Ypou may have won that battle, but we shall win this war yet.

Oh you douche that was you? And remeber when you flooded the earth and everyone blamed me? I barely found out in time to tell noah.

Wow, Satan, you've gotten quite clever.

Thanks, you raised my average to 99, but amirite deleted my post explaining everything...

Thanks so much man, I can't take all the credit though. About 25% of my posts are inspired by a joke app on my android phone (never straight copied though), another 25% I have heard from family/friends, and about 50% are all me.

K, but this time I'm the man.

(smirk) okay get into the fighting ring. And don't let me win this time.

I feel like we should be friends. Then have a fight. Then break up. Then have great make up ****. Then get weirded out and just stay friends

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