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About me.
KickAss is really BadAss.


So a guy goes to get pizza and the pizza maker asks him, if he'd like it cut in 6 slices or 8 slices and the guy replies, "Oh you better make it 6, because I don't think I can eat 8."

So I'm back to Kick ****... where'd you go? I miss you so,seems like it's been forever, since you've been gone. Please come back home....

Your links are awesome, I honestly got off to them. There's no other e.girl (quite possibly e.guy (which is more likely, cuz you're so awesome) or that I'd rather be talking to right now. I saw the gif one though, earlier today. Obama's a boss (and I'm not saying that in a douchy pop culture reference kind of way (even though that would work) he actually is the boss... of the whole freaking country).


Reagan in case you don't know was the genius who came up with the Trickle Down Effect. It's such a stupid philosophy, if you awesome Canadians haven't heard of it, I can tell you about it. But I wanted to share this pic with you, although you might be the one who showed it to me (wary)

Look how these douches are laughing it up. Douches.

I agree that America has probably the worst morals, but think about it that's the idea of capitalism. That the weak will die out and that the strong is what will be left over. And in order to get that piece of the American pie, you need to step on whoever you have to and do whatever you need to. And also America has established itself as a world power in about 300 years... but it's not completely capitalistic, I mean there was the bailout. And thanks to that all these car companies are making WAY better and more environment friendly, hybrid, electric cars, that they could have been making all along, but didn't bother because they thought they were making more money by making gas guzzlers. Isn't that messed up? I mean two years after the bailout, Chevy has a hybrid. It's winning awards. Ford has a more fuel efficient car out, that's winning awards. It's really incredible.

Yeah it's really stupid the amount of pride they're taking over Osama's death. On one hand though, how many people like Osama are out there? I mean most of the terrorists are more nationalists, I'm not sure if his replacement will be as international as Osama, naa mean? Did you know that Americans are the ones responsible for terrorist groups and Osama's training and all that? Thanks to Reagan (Republican) they were funding terrorists to revolt against the USSR. But after the end of the Cold War and USSR's fall, they wanted the Americans out.

2nd message. What's an Osama Bin Laden? I don't really see the effect it has. I mean think about it, the main guy is his right hand man (who I think is still out there) who's actually responsible for strategies and stuff. I think it would have been better if we'd gotten him. I think Osama was more of a symbolic figure and by killing him, all we've really done is piss off his followers. He'll probably be replaced and looked up to like Che. He'll probably be seen as more of a hero. Call me cynical, but I don't think it'll will really have any positive outcome. Although I have to bone at how the president carried everything out. I mean he ordered this attack and went on to make that Correspondent speech, laughed and had a good time. Then went on to play golf. What a balla! What do you think?

Hmm about the royal wedding, I didn't even realize all the money they're earning through tourism and what not. I really don't understand what the big deal is though... they're just another couple who're getting married, right? They must be so confident that people are actually THAT interested in their private life. So explain to me the significance of this wedding. I mean sure it doesn't happen everyday, but neither does meteor shower that brings in the green lanterns ring, but no one cares about that, right? (wary)

I wouldn't vote for Colbert, but I would choose him over Trump any day of the week. I mean he's intelligent and seems to have a good heart where as Trump just seems to be interested in taking advantage of the poor. The republicans are proposing to take away pell grant money, which is like the money not even I am eligible for. You have to be so dirt poor to get this grant and they're suggesting that we stop funding it? Tuition is already approved to go up? The republican mind set is this: if you're poor, then you shouldn't have a chance to move up in society. Somebody needs to do hard labor work and it should be left up to the poor. That's literally their mindset. Raising taxes for the poor = good. Taking away funding from Medicaid and Medicare = good. Paul Ryan was suggesting that we give old people money so they can shop for their life insurance. Think about it, who would accept a man/woman who's sure to die in a couple of years?

Next message coming up

I dunno how closely you follow international politics, but the royal wedding just took place, HOORAY! Oh wait, no one cares about that. I found it in poor taste to spend that much money on a wedding, when the country is doing so poorly and so many people are losing their jobs. Anyways, here in America Donald Trump (the biggest egomaniac in this universe, bigger than Kanye) has been hassling Obama about his birth certificate and other personal items, well yesterday at the Correspondents dinner, Obama and Seth Meyers (the parts that I watched) roasted him, like beef jerky or something that gets roasted....

That's a dead link... :[
Hope this isn't, does this make any sense?

Yeah too many people like blaming others for their faults.

That's pretty awesome. I read a lot of the main superheroes. Like Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and some side characters from those stories?

Yeah I watched that show and I remember that episode too, haha good ol' Spinelli, I'd bet my balls that she'll grow up to be a les. I mean I don't ridicule them in public... that'd be fucked up. If anything I'd just kinda linger around it and remind them, if they start acting out. I'd be like, "So I was talking to my DAD! And my DAD said...."

I wouldn't make that trade off, especially not if they gave me money for food... when they're gone. Here's what I have to say about that.

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