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About me.
I'm from America.
I like to cook pies.

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Hey there, good looking! What's cooking? :)

No pie yet..


Okay! Ill be waiting :)

Helloooo child...I like that shirt you're wearing...and your bedroom looks nice...hehe, I'm a stalker!!! Jk, I just am your bestest friend and I alreasy know all of this....yayyyyyyyy!!!!

Oh and also watvh ALL of this one, it's super funny. :D 'I wonder what would happen if I just...broke your fingers..?'

I am writing to you to inquire about my Hogsmeade permission form, I sent it to you on the first day of school and I am anxiously waiting it's return. Yes, things at school are going along quite swimmingly. I'm the most popular boy at school! And the darling of EVERY classroom and the FAVORITE of EVERY professor...who has any sense...OH, OH! Most importantly, I have mastered the use of the Potty! Yes, yes, you can imagine my pride as I strolled into Charms class and said, 'Oh, hello Gents! Srry for my tardiness, I was JUST leanring how to use the potty.' Oh how the children laughed with me in celebration. I like making people laugh...I ALSO like the potty. I know you haven't done so yet, Pappa, but you can feel free to write to me any time.

Hugs and Buterfly kisses,
Your Draco

Oh, and P.S. YTell Mama to **** off

Except, I'm not gonna give you my address, you just have to mail it and hope it goes to the right place. I'll give you a hint, It's in Canada.

thanks :D
& I've never had blackberry or Key Lime pie before, maybe you should mail me some?

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