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About me.
I'm forever in Anthony's debt.

Hello, person reading my about me. My name is Christine. I am uncool.
- My day of birth happened around 16 years ago.
- My birthday is November 17th, so give me presents. loljk. no but really. (hello)
- I have a face (which can be seen if your move your eyesight slightly to your left)
- I have a brother, a sister, a mom, and a dad. And a cat.
- I've got arms and legs and stuff.
-I like movies. Good ones. Scary ones.
Well that was informative.

I am from the United States of America.
That being said, you probably:
a) think less of my intelligence and/or think I'm a hillbilly
b) think I am obese or
c) don't care and aren't quite sure why you're even reading this.
(I personally fall in the 'c' category)

I like people so you should get to know me. That is, if I "fit your requirements" of people to talk to. But really, if you actually have a list of requirements that need to be met before you talk to people, you'll just never have friends. Unless your standards are low... But then why even have a list to begin with? I suppose that's an opinion-- we all have one, which is why we're here, amirite?

I remember when this site was not this popular. A while back, if a post had +50 that was considered an amazingly popular post. +100 was almost unheard of. Cool? Yeah, not really.
It's pat yourself on the back time! So glad you could be here to enjoy this with me.
POTD! gsikghsnvosrneg - One of my first posts. :) Sad it's anonymous. Being anonymous was all the rage at the time. Or so I thought...

Agree or disagree, whatever. ;)

Interesting factoid of the next two seconds: The second most popular post of this website was posted on December 8, 2009. I remember seeing it on the Just In section. That makes me cool for some reason. Just kidding, it doesn't.

Chances are, you didn't actually read all this. I mean, it was rather long and I hold nothing against you if you didn't. On the off chance that you DID read this, well you're considered pretty cool in my book. So cool, that I'm making a list of all you cool people that read this whole thing. Just tell me you read it and I will add your name to my list.

My list of 'Cool People'. Starting January 18, 2011.
1. CrazyCat 2. Gavin 3. Th3don 4. Rboyer23 5. Truuninja 6. Oh_My_TicTac 7. Joker 8. Kk15 9. Fastpitchgoddess 10. The_Enlightened 11. ISetMyFriendsOnFire 12. VickyJoe 13. Anthony 14. _hannah 15. Somewhere_I_belong 16. Anniebananie92 17. ILikecoOki3sXD 18. Actbadlookgood 19. Smb4ever 20. Gommy2bear 21. Mollypop 22. Adria 23. ConnorNoonan 24. Alice 25. Katy_perry 26. Anbright 27. Garrettruskamp 28. KrügerOtto 29. Vivaciouspancakes 30. GlassJaw 31. HayMoeCar 32. DobbytheElf 33. Reptart 34. XoxSophiexox 35. HastyCroissant 36. Fieldhockey216 37. Welovemuffins 38. ThisIsWhyImRight

I love you. ^^****

SourceofSmile's Top 3


Why were you banned?!

It should be fixed now. I've tested with your account and I was able to save your about me okay.
That photo was a big help :)
Please let me know if it's working now and if you have any more problems.

no problem ;)

I saw your Cinderella post. I predict a POTD!

Could you do me a favour and double click on the 'error on page' bit. A box should pop up and you can click 'show details' or something like that. Can you take a screenshot of that box please. You can put it on

I can't seem to recreate the problem. Can you tell me what you were trying to change when you were on the settings page?

Nah IE8 sucks :P
You should upgrade to Google Chrome:

But I'll investigate anyway.
What were you trying to change? Did the 'error on page' bit appear before or after you clicked the save button?

What browser are you using?

Whooo! I'm on a list! This is thrilling. I was in a land of no computers for a while (music camp...) so I couldn't check out Kev Jumba but I just watched a vid and it was hilarious! So thanks for the recommedation. But don't let your love for charlie fade too much! ;)

I read the whole thing, and I have come to collect my prize. =)

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